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One of the more surprising results of this year's election was in Tuscon based AZ-02, where Martha McSally (R) defeated the incumbent Ron Barber (D) only after a month long recount. Even when I ...
by El Hombre Azul
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With the House GOP poised to ...
by Michael Langenmayr
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It ...
by David Nir
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There's no reason to trust anything Jeff Klein says, pretty much ...
by David Nir
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Democrat John ...
by David Nir
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Rep. Mike Honda, as you may know, is a veteran Democrat and beloved progressive stalwart seeking re-election in California's 17th Congressional District, based in Silicon Valley. He's a widely ...
by David Nir
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Daily Kos is proud to announce our primary endorsement of ...
by Joan McCarter
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by David Nir
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Rep. Mike Honda with one of his more prominent endorsers.
by Laura Clawson
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Evandra Thompson, a much better Democrat The primary campaign between incumbent Lieberdem Rosalyn Dance ...
by kos
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Today's NRA public enemy #1, Colorado state Senate President John Morse. Four Colorado Democrats who voted for tough gun safety bills in the state legislature have been targeted by the NRA in a bid ...
by kos
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Virginia House of Delegates candidate Evandra Thompson Evandra Thompson, the Virginia House candidate the Daily Kos community has embraced ...
by Joan McCarter
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Evandra Thompson, chatting with voters. The Daily Kos community (that's you!) completely reshaped the race a couple of weeks ago ...
by kos
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Evandra Thompson, Daily Kos-endorsed candidate for Virginia General Assembly As President Barack Obama was being inaugurated in DC this past January, Virginia Senate Republicans took advantage of ...
by kos
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Daily Kos is proud to endorse Rep. Ed Markey (D) for Senate When it comes to filling the Senate seat recently vacated by John Kerry, Democrats have as clear a choice as it gets. And for progressives,
by Joan McCarter
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The president returned to his hometown yesterday. Given the excitement that generally surrounds the time when the Obamas return to Chicago, you might have expected it to be the talk of the town. ...
by bored now
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Robin Kelly, happily failing NRA's test From emailed press release: Robin Kelly, candidate for Illinois’ second Congressional district, released her fundraising numbers, current through February ...
by kos
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Robin Kelly is the strongest candidate for Congress in Illinois' CD2, and she will be a powerful, thoughtful and trustworthy representative for her constituents and all of Illinois in Congress. I ...
by sftechlawyer
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Keep them out of IL-02! The ...
by kos
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Robin Kelly, taking on the NRA's minions The primary for ...
by kos
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