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When the FCC was considering whether to regulate the Internet under Title II of the Communications Act of 1934, Twitter came out strongly in favor of the new regulations. According to a post from ...
by CALinnovates
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Remember about 30 years ago when Ashton Kutcher was the hero of the RW media and Republicans everywhere because he gave a speech about personal responsibility? Somehow I don’t think Mitch ...
by Floyd Blue
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University of California workers are striking. Josh Eidelson explains why : Four months after former Obama Homeland Security ...
by Laura Clawson
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During his 21-hour " this is not a filibuster but it will make me look cool like Wendy Davis " verbal masturbation session, Senator Rafael "Ted" Cruz made a number of cultural references. Actually,
by quinn
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Tonight on TDS, Lake Bell, wrote, directed, and stars in In a World... ; and on TCR, Ashton Kutcher, Jobs (as in, that Steve Jobs movie).
by TiaRachel
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As Karl Rove walked into the hotel lobby, two tall men wearing fedoras suddenly stood up when he walked past. He ws too preoccupied with his conversation to notice that they followed him to the ...
by Dave the Wave
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I really only wanted to write a diary with a punchy headline and a video embed. I might actually need to fill it out. The video has been posted on a few different atheist/skeptic/free thinking ...
by otto
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You might have heard about New York Times op-ed columnist Nicholas Kristof's callout of the Village Voice and their connection with Backpage.com (I refuse to link) in January. He wrote about it on ...
by joanneleon
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Corporations are punking Americans. Corporate executives, the 1 percenters, slash workers’ pay, then give themselves big bonuses. CEOs tell mayors and governors their businesses are in such dire ...
by Leo W Gerard
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Protecting the people from corporate greed and abuse is a non-stop effort for progressive community organizers and political activists. In the organizer's toolbox are a number of tools: community ...
by njcronk
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On that note: thePoliticop will send a check, in the amount of $500.00 to anyone who can respond to this blog and add a link to a video of Sarah Palin actually offering her OWN commentary or insight ...
by thePoliticop
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Ed Schultz asked last week if it was a moral imperative for nations such as ours to provide healthcare to all its citizens. I don't believe that a nation's morality depends solely on this issue, ...
by 3 Miles from Space
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A daily blog in defense of liberal ideas and the President.
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{ Originally posted at my blog Senate Guru .} ...
by Senate Guru
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Alright, don't laugh too hard or flame me, but this diary is about two things that many in this community may not be particularly fond of: Ashton Kutcher and Twitter. But regardless of what you may ...
by gsadamb
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My exposure to Ashton Kutcher is limited to his show on MTV, and I have always had the impression that he was a goofy and sophomoric, well, punk. But, last night, facing a bitter ender from the ...
by Bob Sackamento
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Hey y'all. Welcome the the last episode of Saturday Morning Maher for this year. At least, the last new one. If you tuned in last week, you may remember the lively debate about copyright, so I've ...
by Relevant Rhino
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