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I've been reviewing my diary posts, and I noticed that two themes seem to dominate: Race and Guns. In the aftermath of the George Zimmerman trial, there has been much talk about both of these ...
by Woody25
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Perhaps it is my age, or perhaps it is my experience, but I have a visceral and negative reaction towards anyone who seeks to divide us up. I see such framings as that I used for the title of this ...
by teacherken
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Help the RNC to pick their candidate for 2012. Thar she blows ! Ride the White Whale ! ...
by vets74
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Or, how the majority claims ownership of the Other. And let's face it, folks. We who suffer from the transsexual condition are the Other. Just as non-majority races are the Other just as gays or ...
by MercuryX23
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We have record levels of poverty and inequality in America. Our armed fores are still engaged in two wars. Nearly fifty million people (myself included) are without health insurance. So what is ...
by greywolfe359
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There are some crimes that are just gut wrenching to think about. "Honor" killing , the murder of a someone (usually a woman or girl) by ...
by the national gadfly
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So much for the constitution or our freedom of speech rights. G.B. the next profiteer has deemed them inappropriate at the 'Restoring Honor' rally in Washington DC.
by Stop Pandering
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Rasmussen Reports is not a reputable polling firm. But the results it obtained when it queried the American people on whether they approved of subjecting Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab ...
by blueness
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I have the good fortune of having friends in Oaxaca, Mexico who have offered me their perspectives on what is happening in the United States. These people are very engaged in local politics and ...
by luciavt
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There follows questions centered on ifs. Clue: I have no answers. Short list below the fold.
by Riddlebaugh
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After reading Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH10) DKos post ...
by MinistryOfTruth
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This Poll expires on Monday, October 6th, ...
by Digital Components
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(off-topic warning - this started as a comment in the most recent open thread but i decided to throw it in a diary for greater visibility - no pun intended, you'll understand below) ok - this by ...
by sedrunsic
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