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So, should we call this the post-smackdown version of the Wrap?? Tonight will also mark the debut of a slightly different look for the Wrap, in an effort to make it more readable. All the polls ...
by Steve Singiser
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Today is the LAST day to get the Early Bird Rate for the Progressive Summit! Join us in Harrisburg this January for the largest and most exciting gathering of progressives in Pennsylvania. The ...
by Spedwybabs
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Two days ago, using the at FireDogLake, I discovered that my Congressional Representative, Kathy Dahlkemper (D PA-03) was having a town hall in the town of Warren, PA, in the eastern side of her ...
by gizmo59
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As you probably know, the next census will take place in 2010 with redistricting in 2011. This will include the US House as well as state legislatures. As many of you know, several of the ...
by Flaming Liberal for Jesus
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I'm 58 years old, and in that time period I've resided in 13 different Congressional Districts. After yesterday's election, every single one of those Districts will be represented ...
by N in Seattle
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Update: MSNBC just called PA for OBAMA! (8:00:44 EST) Welcome to the Election 2008 Live Blogging Project .
by Ellicatt
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As one would expect, another very heavy day for data with just five days until Election Day. Today, we see the converse of the previous days: Obama's national numbers looking better than they have ...
by Steve Singiser
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For the most part, I left my hometown when I was 18. Family and friends still live there, and I manage to visit at least a few times a year. I like to feel "in the loop" in many ways, so I take a ...
by CB in the OH
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This started as a concern troll type diary pointing to potential pickup opportunities in the House that flew below our radar here at DailyKos. But after seeing where the DCCC is funneling their ...
by Tomtech
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Research 2000 for Daily Kos. 10/6-8. Likely voters. MoE 5% Dahlkemper (D) 48 English (R-inc) 41 Excellent numbers here for Democratic ...
by Arjun Jaikumar
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It's silly season out there but its starting to get quite ridiculous on the other side. Especially the fact that we should drill instead of making personal sacrifices such as biking and walking. ...
by The Overhead Wire
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Wow. What a difference a day makes. After a Tuesday where the numbers (particularly on a state-to-state level) did not seem to reflect the national surge that everyone expected, Wednesday ...
by Steve Singiser
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MI-09 : This poll is a month old, so take it with salt and pepper if necessary, but this DCCC poll shows Democrat Gary Peters four point up on Republican incumbent Joe Knollenberg:
by Arjun Jaikumar
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NATIONAL : First, more on the Employee Free Choice Act, about which MissLaura ...
by Arjun Jaikumar
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This is a pretty long diary, I tried to write it as a narrative, because that's what it is. I had a very interesting trip to meet my girlfriend's family this past weekend outside of Erie, PA, ...
by kicks82
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Every State. Every race. Right here. This is number 20 in a planned series of 50 entries between now and November, looking at each of the 50 states in terms of every race on that state's ticket--...
by AdmiralNaismith
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In addition to the Pennsylvania presidential primary which is (thankfully) taking place today, there are two other notable elections slated for Tuesday. One, as you may know, is the special election ...
by Arjun Jaikumar
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Yeah, I like the Wilson Pickett song, but I certainly don't want to see it applied to our actions now, especially today or tomorrow. Tomorrow is March 31, the end not only of the month, but also of ...
by teacherken
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For the last 14 years, the Congressman ostensibly representing the northwestern corner of Pennsylvania has been Phil English, a Republican who personifies all that is wrong with the modern ...
by gizmo59
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Dr. Martin Luther King’s life is an example of how great a democracy can be: without ever holding an elected office or government post, this minister from Georgia used his strong character and ...
by Waltner for Congress
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