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Over the last few weeks, and more widely publicized with the win of Ayn Rand Paul, a new meme seems to have taken hold in the Tea Party establishment: Repeal the 17th Amendment! 6 ...
by weatherdude
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Do we have a Democracy fetish? Conservative blogger ...
by The Book Bear
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Calls for repeal has been floating around for a while, and, is another Libertarian concept- I saw Ron Paul supporters with signs advocating repeal at that teabag rally I attended last year. The ...
by theRoaringGirl
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Sometimes I'll just wander aimlessly around the internet and see what I can find. Here are several interesting (or weird or funny) things I've discovered lately, most of them with a political slant.
by Dbug
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Much ado is being made of Fred Barnes' article claiming that if Coakley loses, Senator Kirk, the ...
by thefourthbranch
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The Massachusetts Legislature is currently considering HB 4246 , which would provide a new section (f) ...
by Adam B
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Democratic ideals are not always convenient to uphold. In times of crisis or tragedy, and when the business of governing is swirling with debate and possibilities, it is understandable that there ...
by FairVoteCVD
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In July 2004, optimistic about John Kerry's chances of being elected President but fearful of how Gov. Mitt Romney would fill the ensuing Senate vacancy,
by Adam B
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The call for direct elections to fill US Senate vacancies is getting louder and louder following the announcement of Sen. Mel Martinez's coming resignation. Florida governor Charlie Crist will ...
by FairVoteCVD
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In a speech given at the Conservative Political Action Conference, Representative Ron Paul called for repealing the 16th and 17th Amendments ...
by c had
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[http://www.sos.nh.gov/rsa661.htm New Hampshire law] says yes: 661:5 United States Senator. If a vacancy occurs in the office of United States senator, the governor ...
by Elwood Dowd
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[Excerpted from "Dissenting Justice," which I author.] Darren Hutchinson,
by DLH2008
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