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my anger. I come to realize how much prejudice, discrimination, injustice, and cruelty my soul was subjected to (Physiologically, emotionally, psycologically, physically, and financially). I find ...
by sreeizzle2012
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Some thinking I did about self-harm awareness day really got me thinking about the bullying I incurred as a teenager and what other kids on the spectrum are likely still incurring, so I decided to ...
by AspergerSurvival
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An epiphany I had while responding to comments here on the Kos about social interaction and the notion of Aspies as antisocial.
by AspergerSurvival
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Just a bit of musing on medication for meltdowns in Asperger Syndrome and how, while probably not for everyone (ok, definitely not), they have really changed my life for the better.
by AspergerSurvival
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My first entry; a blog post on the importance of having a sensory space when you have Asperger Syndrome.
by AspergerSurvival
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This is the first time I've copied over an entire article of mine from the Daily Beast and I'm probably infringing my own copyright, but I think this is an important discussion and I can only join ...
by Brit
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It seems to have already started. The media has started rallying to the entrenched powers in our society. It was one of the more depressing news segments I think I have ever seen. The first ...
by wilbur
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My grandnephew Tristen has Asperger’s Syndrome. He is one of the most loving, fun, intelligent, and caring people I know. He has walked a mile in heavy traffic to come over and make me tea when I ...
by michelewln
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Everyone who homeschools has a different reason. Far fewer than you might realize do it for religious reasons. And socialization?? When you are low dog on the totem pole, you may ...
by rosabw
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As loathe as I am to again make a post about myself rather then politics or the economy, I find myself in a situation that is unusual for me.
by dmalrajabi
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This is just what happened to me today basically, I only used some creativity with the words really to help make it clear. I've recently lost contact with a close friend and I've been dealing with ...
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I feel like I am trapped under a burning couch.
by dmalrajabi
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My case worker thinks I have Aspergers. It would explain a lot, beginning with my great difficulty in relating to and interacting with other people. I am not looking for sympathy, compared to some ...
by dmalrajabi
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I stayed at a motel last night. I was tired from the lack of enough sleep. The Erie UE/IUE contract Rally on Saturday was followed by a short nap and then the drive Saturday night/Sunday morning to ...
by Mentatmark
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This is a pretty complete rewrite of a diary I had posted after I got to Marmet. I plan to rewrite and expand those I finished and to write those that I had no time or connection to continue from ...
by Mentatmark
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To a very large extent, we are given examples of how to live our lives by our parents. They may be good examples or bad, but the example is there. This writer was influenced greatly by the examples ...
by Mentatmark
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Have you ever wanted to scream so loud, the whole world can hear you? I have, and it's a pretty long story, so get ya a cuppa joe and sit down. If it's after 12:00 noon where you live, I won't ...
by rosabw
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I'm going to try and tell this by the mentality I had at these times so bare with me. I realize that it sounds strange now but this is how I saw the world and sometimes still do. I'...
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Monday, my eyes glistened with pride as I was watched 150 picketers storm the sidewalk in front of Morgan Stanley's Washington D.C. office. My union, United Electrical Workers (UE), had arrived. I ...
by Mike Elk
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The Office of Governor Ed Rendell of ...
by aravir
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