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Doctors around the whirled have long pushed Statins as a magical mystery tour of health and eternal yute. That might have to be amended to "infernal" instead. By forcefully (and I mean forcefully) ...
by agnostic
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I am in pain. Every freaking day of my life is lived in pain. This isn't imaginary pain. This isn't psychological pain. It has a very real physical cause. My spine is bent on destroying itself. I ...
by funtony47
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An incredibly dear friend of mine who runs a relationships blog asked me to write something so that she could pay me and allow me to call myself a paid writer. This was the result. I hope you ...
by julimyers
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A skim of titles in this 180+ sampling of links to fairly readable medical journal articles emphasizing 2014 (with some earlier and later) illustrates professional grasp and understanding of ...
by mettle fatigue
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I have spoken out once before about the abuse of pain patients in the state of TN. Just when I thought I undestood the game they seem to be playing with our lives, they make matters worse. In ...
by vlboyd53
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long term pain medication use. My last diary described some of my trials from being a long term pain medication user. This will continue on that so might want toi take a quick look before going on.
by funtony47
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feel like a criminal even when you aren't breaking the law. So much of my life is tied to medication. I have medication for my high blood pressure, high cholesterol, muscle spasms, nerve damage, ...
by funtony47
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This is a picture of me taken just this past Saturday after etensive oral surgery.... This is what happens when there is no dental insurance for the aging....it gets pretty rough !!!!! If ...
by Vetwife
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In 2012 I moved back to the Chattanooga TN area from Colorado. I am an older (61) disabled widow. I support my adult son, who is also disabled. He has not yet been approved for his SS ...
by vlboyd53
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We expect the logobox of the Kitchen Table Kibitzing group to be at the top of SIDE POCKET 's medical marijuana diary today, because this is a "joint" publishing project of KTK and KosA. KTK ...
by mettle fatigue
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Running is hard.
by aoeu
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Medical Marijuana ...
by side pocket
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We meet Sundays 7pm eastkost time/4pm leftkost, 3 or so hrs to fit a part of everyone's afternoon/evening. We also pub & republish diaries over the week : kosmail to one of our active admins ( ...
by mettle fatigue
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I'm not an expert on what happened with Commonmass. I did follow some of his earlier diaries, when I could, especially when he was talking about music. I don't know what happened and after reading ...
by michelewln
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MSNBC live streaming here. Service is being conducted by Charles Ewing who is the dead teen's grand uncle. The Rev. Al Sharpton will deliver the eulogy. The White House has sent three aides. ...
by JoanMar
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A few days ago, a week earlier than IKEA had lead me to believe it would happen, several long boxes and what looked like an over-sized California roll were delivered to the apartment. My roommate ...
by LoreleiHI
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OK...I'm kidding about the ransom; but Hostage Taking Cat? Not so much. According to The San Diego Union-Tribune : A woman who called Chula Vista police this week said she and her daughter were ...
by Retroactive Genius
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I had brief thoughts of writing about Robin Williams tonight. But that has been well covered elsewhere, so there's nothing I can really add to the subject. Rest in peace, Robin. Tonight, we will ...
by lotac
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The fuzzy destroyer Very late last month, Kitsap River heard about what a certain cat did to my air mattress, and renewed her objections ...
by LoreleiHI
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Jesse McKinley of The New York Times report New York Leaders Reach Deal on Medical Marijuana, with Governor Andrew M. Cuomo by agreeing not to allow patients to smoke it. The agreement ...
by HoundDog
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