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Dontrell Stephens being shot in the back by a Palm Beach County officer In Palm Beach County, Florida, police, according to their own investigations of themselves, can do no wrong whatsoever. No ...
by Shaun King
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Dontrell Stephens being shot in the back This is a national epidemic . In cities and states all ...
by Shaun King
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From the Sun-Sentinel in South Florida: On a sunny day in the place sometimes called Muck City, where crime and unemployment rates soar and star football players are born and raised, the hugely ...
by route66
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Actually, toilet paper is a real, and useful, product. Even the Koch Brothers make a lot of it. (saving that joke for a later ALEC diary). In fact, the paper your home loan or mortgage is written ...
by route66
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After the 2012 election, "demographics are destiny" became a popular phrase. As the country diversifies, so the story goes, pretty much everywhere will trend Democratic. There's no denying that ...
by Xenocrypt
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Just in time for the post Holiday South Florida Social Season, the clock just may have run out for the management of Palm Beach County's premier performing arts center. A production of Jersey Boys ...
by route66
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Patrick Murphy, the newest Democratic member of Congress. It's semi-official: Patrick Murphy has won his challenge against Rep. Allen West. The results have ...
by Joan McCarter
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Allen West still trying to overturn this election. Rep. Allen West's first hearing in his bid ...
by Joan McCarter
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I live in Southern Palm Beach County. I live in a state infamous for election problems . Anyone remember her ? We still do. Guess what, it's already starting: Palm Beach County has an absentee ...
by legalchic
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And the submitting party of the forms? A firm paid $1.3 million dollars already this year by the Republican Party of Florida. Anyone surprised, please raise your hand..... The Republican Party ...
by route66
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Officer Bruce St. Laurent was killed by a pickup truck while he was escorting President Obama and his motorcade in Jupiter FL. I contacted Jupiter PD and asked if there was a means to send donations ...
by OleHippieChick
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TALLAHASSEE -- Brace yourselves, Florida voters: The election ballot you’ll see this fall is longer than ever. It’s so long that voters will have to fill out multiple sheets with races on both ...
by route66
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My name is Lisa Epstein . I am running for Clerk of Circuit Court in Palm Beach County's August 14, 2012 election. Our county's voters have spoken loud and clear; expose and rid our county of fraud.
by Lisa for Clerk
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Sometimes you just need a nurse... First a little background, courtesy of a Housing Wire which broke last night: Lisa Epstein , who's running for clerk of court in Palm Beach County, was once an ...
by Lisa for Clerk
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This does not bode well for the coming elections.... An optical scan vote tallying system, now used by some 300 U.S. municipalities, misreported the results of a Palm Beach County, Florida, ...
by route66
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Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League is a no kill animal shelter in Palm Beach County Florida. However, Peggy Adams does not only rescue animals. With its low cost medical clinic and pet food bank, ...
by Istillhope
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copyright © 2011 ...
by Bcgntn
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http://www.palmbeachpost.com/news/crime/bidens-brother-says-suspicious-package-was-mailed-to-1890849.html OCEAN RIDGE — The envelope mailed to the Ocean Ridge home of Vice President ...
by route66
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by Bcgntn
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A circuit court judge in Palm Beach County, Florida, has been asked to recuse herself from a current foreclosure case due to the claims by the defense counsel that she is a big stakeholder in the ...
by route66
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