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Forgive me if this Diary is lacking the bells & whistles others possess. It's my first diary, but I was so enraged, I had to bang it out on my keyboard & share it with someone! The Austin American ...
by Deja
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Fiiiiiiive, warrrrr criiiiiime triiiiiiiiiiials!
by thefarleftside
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Very little information right now, will add more as it comes in, but Creigh Deeds, who was the Democratic nominee for Governor of Virginia in 2009 (and lost to McDonnell) was assaulted in his home, ...
by RenMin
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I was reading a conversation about how men should talk to their sons about Robin Thicke and women in general. It was along the lines of how to be “good men”. Something has been nagging at me ...
by sexgenderbody
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And if all people had common sense and common decency there'd never be another political cartoon, either.
by thefarleftside
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What Is the Matter With America, why must we keep enduring gun violence? Watch Michael Moore ask this question on the Ed Schultz Show. Moore has been directly and indirectly asking this same ...
by thinkingblue
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It's John Kerry's fault. I mean it. There would have been no Aurora, no Newtown. I have been thinking about this since Senator Reid announced that an assault weapons ban would not be part of the ...
by Woody25
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Her memories go back to infancy, probably no older than age one. It's not a talent or a skill; it just is . It always has been. The earliest memories are mostly not so bad - neutral, at worst. ...
by Aji
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On January 10, a sixth grader at the Darby Township School in Darby Township, Pennsylvania was attacked by two bullies and suffered a broken nose and a concussion as a result. A few days later, he ...
by btfsilence
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Vice President Biden will present a proposal on gun control legislation to President Obama this week. This comes as the result of a commission ordered by the President in the wake of the Newtown ...
by Woody25
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No matter what your opinion is on the current gun control debate, you likely have heard or perhaps even believe in unfounded myths. Also, please be respectful in your comments. We all hold different ...
by nate1024
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I’m going to apologize in advance for some of the language I’ll be using in this rant. Usually I try to keep it at least clean enough for my grandkids to read (although I’m probably ...
by Tom Bales
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The violence is laced from the start of the video as you see an officer punch a demonstrator. City council member Jumanne Williams as assaulted @ 2:40 second. Yesterday marked the one year ...
by Tool
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I was watching the Eagles vs Jets game in my local bar. There were a bunch of people talking about the Travesty in Tampa that was the Republican Convention. It's a pretty progressive clientele, so ...
by grapes
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You have probably all seen the footage of a Romney-Pawlenty supporter shoving a hankey down the throat of a protester in Ohio yesterday. If not, here it is:
by JPax
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The story line in Doonesbury's comics this week has been a press conference where Governor Romney is ostensibly answering questions related to an incident in prep school where he led some of his ...
by Woody25
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Anyone remember a huge story about Romney and his bullying days? The Romney PR machine has got it neatly boiled down on Wikipedia to read: "Romney was involved in many pranks." That is it. Six ...
by pbmaise
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I have to tell you: I think it is far, far worse that Mitt claims not to remember this high school episode of bullying and assault. And I think we need to drive that point home. This revelation ...
by deminva
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To hell with your "apology." “Back in high school I did some dumb things and if anybody was hurt by that or offended by that I apologize.” Here's what Matthew Shepard's mother has to say to ...
by hissyspit
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There's a very good diary on Mitt Romney, the bully (and please recommend it), but it left out one point: Today Mitt's acts might be seen as a hate crime, the sort of bigoted assault that has led ...
by TomP
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