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Approximately ten rounds were fired at three fisherman on lake Tobesofkee in Macon, Georgia and to date no one has been charged or arrested. The shots, according to reports, were fired from 124 ...
by LCSulla
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NOTICE OF PUBLISHING ERROR On Feb. 13, 2015, ATF released for public comment a proposed framework to guide its determination on what ammunition is "primarily intended for sporting purposes" for ...
by 43north
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Watching the Super Bowl tonight in central FL? Stay a few extra minutes for the breaking news on the same channel. The hell raising is bearing fruit. I just spent over an hour with the local NBC ...
by pajoly
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This sat 8' from my neighbor's side fence where my kids play. There is no backstop. Behind it another fence and a home immediately behind that. The back wall of the home is direct path should any ...
by pajoly
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Hello, I wrote the following rant a couple days after the 12/14 shooting. I needed to vent, to give a voice to my thoughts. Rereading it a year later i find nothing has changed and it has helped ...
by rgerb
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Erick ...
by jpmassar
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This is not snark, although I bet it would score well for packing hot-button keywords into a title. News reports this morning are saying that my infuriating Representative, Renee Ellmers of NC-2, ...
by political mutt
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Late Thursday night, a pickup basketball game at Cornell Square Park on Chicago's South Side ended abruptly when someone opened fire on the crowd, wounding 13 people. Yesterday, police confirmed ...
by Christian Dem in NC
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Wait – What just happened? A roundup of the week in news, May 19, 2013 Oh, you crazy Catholics After boycotting Boston College’s graduation ceremony ...
by NationalAtheistParty
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From Ars Technica come a report of the first 3D printed gun. It isn't technically completely 3D printed, as they say in the article: The Liberator pistol isn't all 3D printed ABS plastic, though. ...
by AoT
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I was a junior in high school when I first heard about Columbine. For weeks afterwards it was all anyone could talk about. The mass murder was shocking in its size, scope and brazenness. Fourteen ...
by JFKeller
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A photograph from a recent and tragic shark attack caught my eye. Don't worry, it's not graphic.
by Tailfish
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In order to talk reasonably intelligently about assault weapons and assault weapon bans, it is helpful to understand why a Bushmaster-style semi-automatic rifle is legitimately categorized as an ...
by Beartooth Bronsky
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Backed by a national wave of revulsion from the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting , ...
by hungeski
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Is the 2nd Amendment necessary?  Many diaries on here are raising this question of late, obviously sparked by the Newtown tragic shooting. The purpose of my dairy is to question the tenor and ...
by sensetolisten
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Australian Labour MP Kelvin Thomson sends us an e-letter. He lists the practical legal changes that his country has undertaken to eliminate gun massacres. So far these steps have proved 100% ...
by bontemps2012
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The only valid argument on limiting the scope of banned weapons is their application for hunting and target shooting. Anybody making the argument that the citizenry should have high-capacity ...
by owsleyskid
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No New Legislation Required! It would appear, according to USC › Title 26 › Subtitle E › Chapter 53 › Subchapter B › Part I › § 5845 , that they are already classified as machineguns:
by owsleyskid
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There are many organizations on both sides of this incredibly important issue in US politics. I hope to give short descriptions of a few of them. This will be a long diary, so the rest will be after ...
by hagagaga
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Nope. It's most certainly not. The only people who are saying that it is are those who are trying to keep people from owning firearms. Why are they doing this? Because if they the general public ...
by hagagaga
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