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Within hours of Tim Pawlenty announcing his candidacy for the GOP presidential nomination, word broke that when he was governor he pardoned and wiped clean the record of a child molester who then ...
by Old Redneck
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I recently got some blunt, if not friendly, advice to "stay in my lane" in terms of what I comment on. Well I have been defending so-called "criminals" for 16 years, so I figured I talk about so-...
by tbrucegodfrey
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There remains no greater evil than the manifest injustice of those in power who abuse their citizens for political gain. Holding one of the highest badges of achievement in this area can go to TX ...
by laserhaas
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(This is a repost from yesterday; this diary sank quickly into the murk amidst all the primary talk, here's to hoping it gets read a little more this time) I attended my first rally yesterday, and ...
by Free Chicken and Beer
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All credit goes to Think Progress for doing their homework. I'm just the messenger for the Kos community. In 2006, the KY ...
by The Erratic Synapse
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As you all now it was illegal to help free slaves and many people spent years in prison for that "supposed" crime back in the 19th century. In fact, in Kentucky back in the time when slavery was ...
by LaurenMonica
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Did Obama pardon George W. Bush? I can't seem to get Google to tell me. It's midnight in Portland, Oregon, and I'm drinking Canadian Club whiskey after a hard day at the call center. I gave out a ...
by dangelder
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As it turns out, Mike Huckabee yesterday chose the right day to declare that "it's less likely ...
by Jon Perr
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Dick Cheney is upset that Obama chose to pardon Courage The Turkey yesterday. Cheney claimed that Obama is jeopardizing the stragegy put in place by the Bush Administration. The Former Vice-President,
by LaurenMonica
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Empathy is a quality that must not, under any circumstances, ever be included as any part of the judicial decision-making process. Or so bleat the right-wing sheep, in perfectly coordinated unison.
by JLFinch
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Jon Stewart's demolition Thursday of CNBC's Jim Cramer may pale in importance to Edward R. Murrow's historic 1954 take-down of Joe ...
by Jon Perr
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Even in its last throes, the Bush administration remained an irony producing machine when it came to the PlameGate conviction of Scooter Libby. As the Daily News reported, Vice ...
by Jon Perr
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I remember the rampant speculation about pardons for months, years it seemed that went on here and throughout the blogosphere. The facts are, unless GW Bush has found a clever way of hiding pardons ...
by shpilk
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I really thought that Bush was going to Pardon Everybody and their mother. The highest profile action he took was the commutation of the Prison sentences for the 2 Border Patrol Officers.
by Abraham Running For Congress When I Turn 25
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Ok, ok -- in the spirit of coming together (what a high today is!) I'll grudgingly give FORMER President Bush credit where credit is due on this one: he didn't pardon Scooter Libby, as probably 90% ...
by Save the clock tower
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I'm alternating between hope and alarm. I maybe just roiled by leftover suspicion from having the 'DC Dipshit' Dem Leadersheep screw the base over so many times, along Obama's Cabinet picks, ...
by RedMeatDem
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So the Cliff Barnes of the real world has given his "farewell" address. So he is just about gone. There is an extra tip for whoever figures out the "Cliff Barnes" idea. I would remind you that he ...
by Translator
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President Bush will not ...
by Professor Smartass
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[Cross-posted at The Left Coaster. ] As the final days of the Bush Presidency arrive a grim, foreboding waiting is starting to take hold upon those who ...
by paradox
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As we know, Bush recently pardoned Isaac Robert Toussie whose family had donated heavily to Republicans and whose crime is linked to the mortgage meltdown. After all the bad publicity, Bush invoked ...
by zdefender
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