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by Bcgntn
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Many of us worked hard to elect Barack Obama and fought hard for what he represents. We made phone calls, knocked on doors, made donations, $5, $10, $200. Some of us monitored the polls, gathered ...
by Knappster
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I've never followed politics too devoutly. Even during Presidential elections. In the same breath, I can say that I have always considered myself an educated voter. I'm not registered as a Democrat ...
by kishadawn
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Cross-posted from Asian Americans for Obama : A blog ...
by rameyko
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In this diary I argue that state party apparatus is broken. Much like university presidents, the purpose of the parties, it seems, is to raise funds. They no longer function to give people access ...
by ArgumentAdvocate
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[Cross-posted at The Left Coaster. ] Poor Tommy Friedman in today’s New York Times suddenly noticed—nearly eight years after the ...
by paradox
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As many of you know, I got interested in politics in large part because of George Bush's ham-handed way of running the country. Ever since I flipped the switch I have been looking forward to the day ...
by Omir the Storyteller
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We have the connectedness technology - it's called the internet. We have the connectedness tools - like YouTube. We have the mechanisms and the DraftGore2008 ...
by understandinglife
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I want to tell a story about how 22 weak-kneed and spineless Democratic U.S. Senators just made my life and active participation in the political process just a little bit more difficult. It took ...
by caseynm
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OpenCongress is a really great new political project. In their own words: OpenCongress brings together official government data with news and ...
by Misty Fowler
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I want my brothers and sisters home from Iraq. I also think it's trime for a break from here. This community has grown and changed in the few years I have been here. I love that it has grown, but ...
by jeffinalabama
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In her new book, Momentum , Allison Fine suggests that we are entering a "connected age" where American citizens are using emerging social media to engage in activism more substantially than ...
by sierradave
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by jforshaw
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by The Opportunity Agenda
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by abbeysbooks
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by liberaltruthsayer
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by Nathan Jaco
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by Buffalo Girl
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by Buffalo Girl
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by Tomtech
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