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When I was in 6th grade, there was a good-looking boy, let’s call him Greg, who decided to cultivate a pet. This boy was shorter than the rest of the class and, to put it politely, had neither the ...
by northsylvania
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Alabama is a state with a white-hooded history regarding the rights of some Americans. To put it more precisely, Alabama for much of its history sanctioned slavery, segregation, and peonage, aka, ...
by TomP
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Oligarchs: Feel pain Need love Live in joy Work? Die Please die away Can Oligarchs do this?
by smiley7
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This is George Zimmerman's defense attorney, Don West, celebrating with his daughters after he attempted to bully and humiliate 19 yr Rachel Jeantel as she testified for Trayvon. Do you remember ...
by JoanMar
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I've got my teeth in this story now, and I'm not backing down. Yesterday, I diaried about Rob Ford, the right-wing Mayor of Toronto who has been caught on a smartphone video smoking crack in his ...
by commonmass
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Rob Ford , the right-wing wacko Mayor of Toronto and John Candy look-alike is not just a crackpot: he's also a crackhead according to a report in the Toronto Star. That Ford has been mired in one ...
by commonmass
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Maine Governor Paul LePage is no stranger to controversy: just a quick look at this Maine Public Broadcasting Network news page gives a quick overview of his priorities which include moving public ...
by commonmass
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This is likely going to be a short, and not so sweet, diary. First it was the Chris Culliver incident, where second-string cornerback/homophobe made comments about how he didn't want out gay ...
by Cali Scribe
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From this live chat they had regarding (LOL) Voter Anxiety: You folks might be interested in knowing that here in Franklin County (Columbus) Ohio the True the Vote folks have been observing at the ...
by Neko608
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The polling news has been good for the Obama campaign today. The Romney warnings of a new recession was not a surprise. Anyone who has seen the Romney Campaign in action would be apt to compare it ...
by Texdude50
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Want to hear the blatant racism of the Republican Party. Here it is.... It is a piece from NPR about an event with the American Legion today and Ann Romney, Obama-hating Veterans and it focuses n ...
by Gangster Octopus
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Short and lame diary, I know. But it's whales and so what more really need be said? We have a July 10th deadline for comments on a Navy proposal to dick around with some MIC boondoggle widget or ...
by Cedwyn
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Like many here, I truly enjoyed the notion that we could stop right wing billionaires from buying the upcoming election by getting "our" billionaires to pledge to match them dollar for dollar in ...
by Man from Wasichustan
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This isn't much of a diary but I found this article when one of my facebook friends posted it and I thought it was awesome. I wanted to share it here.
by stonedoubt
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I have an idea for anyone in Florida who wants to protest the Quran buring planned for 9/11. Don't bring a sign, bring a bucket of water!
by seattlesands
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There's been a LOT of acrimony from the (formerly known as) "Lefty Blogs" that support Hillary. One of the worst has been Larry Johnson's. Now Larry did a lot of great work getting us the details ...
by seronimous
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From LifeNews.com, a little info on how some of our Republican Congresscritters spend their days when not toeing the Bush line on Iraq: ...
by huntsu
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