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One day a few weeks back, all the tomato vines BOWED the same night and the fruit on them has raced to ripen ever since. I have four pounds semi drying in the food dehydrator right now. When they ...
by Adelante
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First things first: if you read what makes this community great you saw the beautiful work of fineena, of which the scarf Leaves on the Current is wearing in the above photo ...
by teacherken
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I am happy to report that Ed Fallone garnered ~30% of the vote to take 2nd place in the Wisconsin Supreme Court primary, and will now face Patience Roggensack in the general election in April. ...
by WILawStudent
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for one thing, it is afternoon, not morning for another, I did not teach this week, nor did I teach last week, since I have been caring for my wife, last week in the hospital, this past week at ...
by teacherken
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Friends and relatives of those annoying people who say they couldn't care less about this election or anything to do with politics, take note.
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As my son's 2nd birthday approached, my wife and I realized it was time to tackle another milestone of child-rearing. He couldn't stay in a crib forever, and we thought we may as well get the ...
by DeathDlr73
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I recently got into a heated debate on the FaceBook about urine testing welfare recipients. To me, it was a question of dignity. To them, it was a question of why the poor were allowed to avoid ...
by Slackermagee
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Should there be sent down a vicegerent to make route for those who have disbelieved? For those who have forgotten how to see? Careless! Yet in their hearts they too wish to be! Will they deny the ...
by SulleeJ
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by x
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We watched the fireworks on television, how dull are we! Keeping it simple worked for us and I look forward to the upcoming week of chores and housekeeping. Over the last two years, my approach ...
by Larin
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pa·tience /ˈpeɪ ʃəns/ [pey-shuh ns]–noun 1. the quality of being patient, as the bearing of provocation, annoyance, misfortune, or pain, without complaint, loss of temper, ...
by Chronic Tonic
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Obama is an easy target. And that's the problem. Folks aren't thinking through why they're bashing him, to what end. They're just bashing him because he's there to represent all the compromise ...
by Stephen Daugherty
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The discussions I have seen here recently on this site lead me to invite as many of you as possible to take up farming, or at minimum some gardening. Such activity has benefits to the individual ...
by Rex Freedom
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Okay, I'll admit it: Even I vote in American Idol and dancing with the Stars every now and then. This week, spent a good twenty minute on the phone, trying to get through so I could vote for ...
by ScottyUrb
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While I am no fan of the WaPo, this article Tough Times was "sweet" in the telling! Despite Bob ...
by LeoDaLion
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So I am breaking a long silience I've held on writing new diaries and I am doing it largely because there is finally something I think that needs to be said. And what pray tell is that? That the ...
by drache
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Happy Wednesday pootie, woozle, birdie and general critter lovers, and welcome. This is a diary to relax, share pictures and stories about our animal friends, and to build community. Come on in and ...
by it really is that important
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by NCrissieB
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Why is Obama getting so much crap? That's what I ask every day. The guy has to deal with what is likely history's most obstructive Senatorial minority. He has to deal with a Democratic Party that'...
by Stephen Daugherty
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This morning I have read how we, as progressives need to have “patience and endurance” in order to achieve our goals. I have read how “compromise is touch and go” and how we ...
by BrainDrain
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