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Not only is General Patraeus an adulterer and a fool, he is a radical Christian hypocrite who violated the principles he unconstitutionally shoved down the throats of soldiers.
by doctor o
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It's interesting to note the subtext in the Petraeus resignation controversy, that the FBI investigation was the result of his paramour "blowing" the affair: The F.B.I. investigation that led to ...
by Shaun Appleby
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I flip through the normal news sources every day to follow what I consider important news. The last twenty four hours have of course followed up on the issues with Patraeus and an extra-marital ...
by Chris Reeves
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I haven't done a lot of political writing in the past, but the last three debates inspired me. ...
by nsps
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President Bush has abrogated his role as Commander in Chief by letting Gen. David Petraeus choose the troop levels in Iraq, Afghanistan, and also the reserves at home.
by Alleycat5
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As if we needed another, here is reason Number 486,948,231 (and counting) to do something to end the war and occupation in Iraq:
by xofferson
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In response to Richard Cohen's stupid stupid column supporting the White House drive toward war with Iran I sent this letter to WaPo (which, needless to say, wasn't published): Oh Richard, Richard, ...
by Tamar
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I faxed Congressman Baron Hill, IN-09, regarding the Congressional resolution denouncing moveon.org, for which he voted, and later faxed him pointing out that to be consistent Congress should ...
by HeartlandLiberal
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The Republicans may have won the Battle of Petraeus, but they are losing in the war of ideas and brand equity. Americans don't like losing wars, but they've certainly lost faith in the Republicans' ...
by OKR
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Gen. Petraeus stated today that he confirms that he indeed supports continuing the "strategy change" in the direction of focusing on "Securing the civilian population, (along with the training of ...
by TheFearsome
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