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Why are major progressive activist groups not urging Bernie Sanders to run for President as a Democrat? Senator Elizabeth Warren (D- MA) has made it crystal clear. She is NOT going to run for ...
by pdanoki
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One of the Daily Kos brethren, Beastly Fool, offered a challenge to us Kos bloggers: create a script for a 30-second TV spot, cloud-fund it, circulate it, and add our voice tangibly to the current ...
by ProgToddNorCal
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With the passing of Tim Carpenter, progressive activism lost one of the great minds - and hearts - in the fight against the corporate takeover of American politics. As one of the founders of ...
by ProgToddNorCal
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This is Joan Rivers as if you didn't know. On this week's episode of Compassion Police, we put a warrant out for Mr. Puppy-dog-eyes Paul Ryan. Once again he wowed the lemmings with a whopper crafted ...
by ProgToddNorCal
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During the "Progressive Era" of the early 20th century, many states passed laws – up to a complete ban with penalties ...
by hungeski
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Carl Davidson' 'Keep On Keepin' On' Commentary on Strategic ...
by carldavidson
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NOTE: As per my update, below, when I first posted this diary, I wrongly refered to a "decertification", when I should have referred to a "failure to re-certify". I have left the text of the ...
by metamars
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What's wrong with this picture?
by Clay Claiborne
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Medicare is the Solution… Not the Problem! Come help celebrate Medicare's 46th birthday by ...
by dancepartner30
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Forth-six years ago on July 30, President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Social Security Act of 1965 into law and ...
by dancepartner30
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(from my firedoglake diary of the same name, but note that most (all?) of my suggests for FDL could apply to dailykos) I find the continued lack of visible, widespread , persistent, peaceful, ...
by metamars
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(cross posted at my.firedoglake.com and docudharma.com) I've long been struck by the ineffectiveness of activists in the US, at least when they oppose plutocratic agendas. And I've also been ...
by metamars
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PDA National Board member, Tom Hayden writes: The Kerry letter is an important step toward recognizing the importance of ...
by MikeHershDotCom
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After Progressive Democrats of America delivered more than 25,000 signatures to Senator John Kerry asking for a significant withdrawal of US troops in Afghanistan beginning in ...
by MikeHershDotCom
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Sign the Letter for Healthcare NOT Warfare—Deadline 5 PM ET If you have already signed the letter, thank you. Please ask your like-minded friends and family members to sign it, too. If you haven'...
by MikeHershDotCom
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I know Noah has already addressed this, but I feel it worthwhile to add to it and try to gain as much momentum as possible. The Portland Oregonian is Oregon’s largest media outlet, considered the �
by TheSolipsisticMe
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Welcome to the 3rd Sunday afternoon open thread! Brought to you this week by cooper888 .
by LGBT Kos
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Editors Note: Slightly condensed and reformatted for Daily Kos, the following is a press release by the Tucson Chapter of the Progressive Democrats of America. This is the second to last notice, ...
by buddabelly
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The most recent effort to elect more Democrats was a dismal failure. Even so, this is the season for getting better Democrats. There will be about 240 Republicans holding seats in the House of ...
by Frank Palmer
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And GET ON THE BUS! Also, found great hotel on the Met line: $79/night! Most are free : ? ) Have you check out all the new buses, mostly from the east sadly? If you're in New ...
by War on Error
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