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It all started with my grand parents. Their books. How they saved my mother, younger sister and I. To all extents and purposes, at the age of six I "woke up" one day at their house and began a ...
by Onomastic
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Run it now. The moment is ripe. Like you should've done with the debt ceiling and default fiasco, a moment when you could've destroyed all Republican public credibility in one fell swoop. This ...
by Simplify
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Why do we on the left allow the right to define the Iran nuclear negotiations?
by Mr K
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Proposition: To move the USA in a more progressive direction will take not only "more and better" Democrats elected to every level of government, not only independent social movements harnassing ...
by SouthernLeveller
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A short memo to those who post here, and support President Obama and Secretary Clinton, both of whom are advocates of the pending deal with Iran. I have been told that Democrats in congress look ...
by Focusers
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My Easter wish as a hard code atheist is that all of the Christians in the world actually acted like the character of Jesus Christ as written in the book. I don't believe he was actually a real ...
by bluedogsd
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Hey all--just saw this. Not sure if it was already posted. Very interesting, however. See this link . It looks like young and medium and old Iranians are celebrating the prospects of peace. Now ...
by Yonkers Boy
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by mainegal
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It seems the marathon negotiations concerning the future of Iran's nuclear capabilities have wound down for now, according to Der Spiegel: This morning the representatives of Iran, Germany, and the ...
by Amyrista Phtheggomenos
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It's Sunday morning and I'm up with my 2 year old who woke up this morning chanting "I Love Balloons, I Love Balloons!" We were at a baby shower yesterday where she got a balloon as a gift, and our ...
by subir
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THERE IS NO WORD FOR FEELING NOSTALGIC about the future, but that’s what a parent’s tears often are: a nostalgia for something that has not yet occurred. They are the pain of hope, the ...
by mftalbot
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I'll offer these 21 incredible photos of people from all over the world with little commentary. Words would diminish their import. I will say this: some are happy and some are sad.... and they are ...
by Gwennedd
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There has been much discussion on this site and in the media in the last couple weeks over the uber-schmuck Benyamin Netanyahu’s war-mongering 50-minute campaign ad using Congress-critters as ...
by unrepentantnewdealer
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As the Chicago Tribune reported today, a poll by the NORC at the University of Chicago found that the only section of government that receives any confidence from the American people is the military.
by DarkScholar82
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Last night's episode of Anthony Bourdain's show "Parts Unknown" on CNN may have been the best look at Iran I've seen on Iran on any network. Just as it often takes a comedy show to get an honest ...
by Greg form Vermont
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Bibi Netanyahu, Tea Party, Neocon or Both for Israel? A question most know the answer to. When I read an article like this, " On March 17, it will be a mitzvah to vote against Netanyahu the Toxic " ...
by thinkingblue
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Here is one of a zillion reasons you will never be smarter than turnips. The Lioness of Iran, Simin Behbahani, who died too early last August, was a powerful voice despite repression in her beloved ...
by gchaucer2
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This is going to hurt. We all know about the "letter" Tom Cotton and 46 of his besties sent to Iran in order to scuttle the nuclear talks. If the reply by the Iranian Foreign Minister is any ...
by zenbassoon
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The State of Israel has experienced the same Fordism/post-Fordism transition over the last four decades as have all the most influential world capitalist economies such as the US, the UK, China, ...
by steve1960
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In a fevered dream the night after Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu's speech, I imagined a different reality in which Israel and ISIS saved the Middle East and created a peaceful paradise. Read more ...
by metogamekun
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