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Well, a terrorist entrepreneur. This guy in Colorado, who built homemade IED's (improvised explosive devices) apparently was in it for the cocaine as well as the ideology: A Colorado man, who said ...
by Steven D
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Is the 2nd Amendment necessary?  Many diaries on here are raising this question of late, obviously sparked by the Newtown tragic shooting. The purpose of my dairy is to question the tenor and ...
by sensetolisten
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Here we go. I do not know if banning assault weapons is the answer, and I don't think anyone does. It certainly hasn't worked in Colombia , but it has shown promise in places ...
by Thor Benson
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Last night, Jon Stewart opened with an illuminating segment on how the NRA has actually prevented the ATF from actually enforcing existing law. You may have heard about some of these measures. But ...
by BruinKid
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The Melissa Harris-Perry show this morning tackled a variety of gun control issues, and in the process I was reminded of one in particular that hasn't come up lately -- to the point that people ...
by tytalus
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Every Christmas brings the same frustrating question: what do you get the man who has everything? So it is with Wayne LaPierre, the executive vice president of the National Rifle Association. ...
by Jon Perr
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Good Morning Kossacks and Welcome to Morning Open Thread (MOT) I had another piece written, in the queue and scheduled for today, but I could not publish it- not today. It ...
by JaxDem
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It is time to tell the conservatives in Congress and elsewhere that their backward reaching political program is no longer, if it ever was, relevant to the vast majority of Americans. We've moved on,
by Ohiodem1
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Boy, they don't like Sherrod Brown. Apparently he is personally responsible for the entire national debt. And the solution? Call Sherrod Brown at (614) 469-2083. Tell him to help the economy by ...
by Boundegar
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The Republican campaign led by Darrel Issa on FAst and Furious is based largely on deception, mis representations, and poor data gathering. Read a well written analysis. Katherine Eban, Fortune. ...
by dcampbell
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Newly reported facts reveal Issa misstatements about Fast and Furious June 28, Washington DC – Bombshell reporting in Fortune Magazine and ...
by Jimmy Zuma
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In my reading of Eban's piece it seems Dave Voth got handed a pile of muck when he took the reins of Phoenix Group VII. Eban says he was the leader of the group. So he either didn't have the tools ...
by WheninRome
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Update: I've been told my original link did not work well, so let's try 'er again: http://features.blogs.fortune.cnn.com/2012/06/27/fast-and-furious-truth/?hpt=hp_t2 It's surprising that this ...
by elwior
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Almost everyone is now critical of the bait-gun programs conducted to stop smuggling of US guns to Mexico. The most well-known of these is Fast and Furious, an unfortunate and self-important name of ...
by Jimmy Zuma
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This is my first post in a long time, but I thought this community would find my new organization, the " Independent Firearm Owners Association " ( IFoA ), of great interest. I’ll get into the ...
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Right to Keep and Bear Arms is a DKos group of second amendment supporters who also have ...
by R K B A
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If the Republicans believe having more guns make us safer, then why are they concerned about operation Fast and Furious which provided guns to Mexico?
by MugWumpBlues
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This diary is inspired by a coup-le of comments I made in diary today by Mikeb30200 about gunshows. Despite the fact that pro gun folks claim that there is no "Gunshow Loophole", ...
by senilebiker
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Huffington Post contributor Adam Winkler described it clearly and simply. Now that ...
by mikeb302000
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KTAR.com reports The new regulation imposed by the ATF would ...
by mikeb302000
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