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I was told stories by my uncles about serving in World War II, how they would try to keep themselves warm with newspapers. So what did the fine people of Pensacola do this summer? They passed a ...
by jpmassar
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Photo: Jody Link/GoPensacola.com Rednecks Watching a Redneck Christmas Parade Hey, it may be for a good cause, but c'mon. The ...
by Zwoof
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On June 11-14, Florida District 2 voters will choose a member of the Florida House to replace deceased Rep. Clay Ford. The candidates are Jeremy Lau (D) and Mike Hill (R). Neither has held public ...
by Zwoof
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Last weekend we boarded the Zwoof Family Sports Truckster and headed to Cambridge Farms near Milton, Florida. We were greeted warmly by the folks there as well as quite the menagerie ...
by Zwoof
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J. Earle Bowden Way is a 7-mile long two lane ribbon of roadway that threads it's way through pristine sand dunes and remnants of British and Spanish forts from as early as 1763. The park also ...
by Zwoof
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Queer history tends to be heavy on New York and San Francisco. Whether we're talking about the Stonewall Riots or the Compton Cafeteria Riots, our history is too often focused on coastal urban ...
by Chrislove
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Time to welcome me back to the fold. It's been awhile since I've posted anything. This semester has made me... busy. Not only have my classes been more rigorous than the last few semesters, but I've ...
by wwmiv
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Topics: Medvedev raps Sechin over BP-Rosneft deal failure, Medvedev raps Sechin over BP-Rosneft deal failure, Is BP's latest fiasco evidence of Russian law or Russian chess?, BP chairman Carl-Henric ...
by peraspera
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Sorry for the brief diary (if that even exists anymore), but there was just a 3.5 earthquake offshore here in Alabama. I didn't feel it (awww!), but it probably wasn't strong enough to be felt out ...
by weatherdude
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Remember Buck Lee, the Santa Rosa official who authorized the beaches back open?
by icebergslim
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I wrote a diary last week about Pensacola, Florida beaches smelling like a gas ...
by icebergslim
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[ Editor's note: ...
by Bob Higgins
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Pensacola Beach, the way it used to be.....
by icebergslim
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Today's Terra Imagery from NASA shows a sheen of oil offshore of Port Arthur, near Beaumont Texas. Oil may begin coming onshore on ...
by FishOutofWater
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Good news for scientists, bad news for creationists. Pensacola’s Dinosaur Adventure Land – a museum and playground intended to teach children about creationism – is being sold ...
by Dbug
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Bryce Faulkner, a 23-year-old pre-med student from Arkansas has been missing since his family forced him into "reparative therapy" for homosexuality. Faulkner comes from a deeply religious family (i.
by winthegoodfight
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Two of my favorite authors have contributed their thoughts on the murder of Dr. Tiller at HuffingtonPost.com. First Frank Schaeffer ...
by mHainds
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I've been asked to diary my experiences from yesterday's Tea Party in Pensacola, Fla., the one that was on the open thread this morning and has shown up on a number of other blogs (...
by Sinfonian
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My daughter and I arrived at the Civic Center twenty minutes after the doors opened, but all the seats were long gone. We found a spot to where we could barely see the stage. Michelle Obama gave ...
by sagra
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I don't know about you, but I am completely fired up after watching segments of Obama's speech in Terre Haute today. John McCain speaks of change now,
by alpolitics
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