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It's been gallows humor amongst Wisconsin public employees that Walker and his Republican hordes final step in crushing us back to peon status was to find a legal way to tap into our pensions...Well ...
by Up North
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The Bakers Union members have had enough of being blamed for the closing of Hostess Bakeries in the mainstream media. The truth is much more complicated and the media has failed to tell the story. ...
by bluebarnstormer
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I went to make the case to conservatives on right wing talk radio on Saturday. The host of the show had posted a story on his blog asking the surprisingly fair question "Did the Bakers go Galt?" I ...
by bluebarnstormer
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Is it the beginning of a trend? Several news sources are reporting that Cerberus Capital Management, a private equity firm with a major interest in Bushmaster - the manufacturer of the Bushmaster ...
by 51percent
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I have had many requests for a copy of this letter and I couldn't find it. Then my Union Sister Linda from Emporia was able to send me a copy!!! So, here ya go! The Letter My favorite part... "I ...
by bluebarnstormer
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You may have heard. Illinois has a budget problem.. Illinois politicians want to distract voters away from this fact and exploit the hysteria against public employees to do it. Illinois public ...
by Satya1
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Romney's history at Bain Capitol is relevant. It is a clear indication of how he will govern as president. It is important for us to clearly understand what this means for us and for our nation. ...
by Im a frayed knot
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The Republicans' long-term 'fiscal' playbook is so predictable. It's always the same, whether at the Federal, State or corporate level. Whatever the market is doing, they always choose to spin the ...
by rexxnyc
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Did Mitt Romney loot a Kansas City steel workers' pension fund and stick the U.S. Government with the bill? Signs point to "Yes." Romney sat as CEO of Bain Capital, the buyout company he ...
by hungeski
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You all gotta read this.
by bink
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Since retiring as Penn State's defensive coordinator in 1999, Jerry Sandusky has gotten a pension from the state. Presently, he gets just over $58,000 a year. It looks like he may still get it ...
by Christian Dem in NC
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It turns out the Wisconsin "Budget Repair Bill" adds costs to Wisconsin's pension system! Link to article on Wisconsin Act 10 from Wisconsin State Journal/St. Paul Pioneer Press I'm just going to ...
by DownstateDemocrat
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Retirement is the end goal of every professional person. Most of us work to live, not live to work, and retirement represents the reward for a long, fruitful career and a job well done. It is a time ...
by GlennAnderson
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Joe rolled his eyes after watching yet another cranky TV talking head take yet another pot shot at the other party’s candidate. “I just don’t get it,” Joe moaned, “They’re all crooks. If ...
by David Satterlee
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I saw this post on a trusted person's wall on Facebook, and felt that due to the severity of the claims, the info should be made as public as can be. Down below the old piece of Christmas Candy.
by micwazoo
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When our medicare fraudster governor Rick Scott was elected, one of his priorities was to change the state contribution to state employee pensions and make employees contribute the difference. He ...
by Inspector Javert
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The ...
by Laura Clawson
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by Working America
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Source: MOAA analysis of 10th Quadrennial Review of ...
by brooklynbadboy
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If you wanted to make sure that the Stock Market was protected from failure, what might you do to make that happen? You would want to make sure that all Americans had an invested interest in keeping ...
by angelajean
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