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The financial markets have collapsed. The real estate market has collapsed. The auto industry is collapsing. We are already in the longest and deepest recession in nearly 30 years, and there is ...
by gjohnsit
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This is an absolutely AMAZING video, brough to you via Pharyngula . How can so many "experts" possibly be so stunningly wrong? Were they really ...
by dhonig
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Forcing myself to watch clips from Fox News has caused past episodes of inflammation and headaches. That ought to be expected. However, watching this series of clips from Fox News has put me into ...
by Setrak
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That was a quote on August 18th, 2007 from Ben Stein. The moral of the story: Don't take financial advice from a second-rate hack commedian. OK, that's not really what this diary is about. This ...
by TheC
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Ok. So, I don't normally write diaries on kos. I'm more of an observer and only occasionally offer my 2 cents in the form of a comment in the discussion section. For some reason, however, I feel ...
by gophergutz
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The following video is on Andrew Sullivan's Daily Dish . The video is apx. 10 minutes long so I apologize for not preparing a transcript.
by bhfrik
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One of the things that has pissed me off more than anything else in the last, oh, 28 years or so is this bullshit about Ronald Reagan being a "great" President. He was not. His administration ...
by Inky99
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