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It's been obvious that the conservative dead enders who've assimilated the party formerly of Lincoln into some weird chimera of Jefferson Davis and Ayn Rand are having trouble coming to terms ...
by xaxnar
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David Petraeus In January 2007, as part of his overhauled Iraq strategy, President George W. Bush announced that Petraeus would succeed Gen. George Casey as commanding general of MNF-I to lead all U....
by don mikulecky
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The execrable Jennifer Rubin in her "Right Turn" Column: * Why did Petraeus, when briefing Congress on Sept. 14, purportedly push the bogus cover story on Benghazi (i.e., it was about a ...
by rablrouzer
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Whatever the details of the David Petraeus event, the timing is perfect for distracting Americans from the humiliating defeat Romney and the Republicans suffered in the last election. And from Sandy ...
by certainot
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We here at Daily Kos are one of the most powerful collective voices of the liberal side of American media. Given the liberal side of American media is practically nonexistent, that means we're ...
by WinSmith
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In yesterday's rescued diary, A Point of Order: Generals Don't Have Friends , we had a short ...
by angelajean
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How did you spend your day? Mine was spent inside the Willard Hotel (down the street from the White House) where I sat through a full day of panel discussions at the 3rd ...
by hegemony57
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Remember the Iraqi Awakening, those Sunnis who switched sides from the insurgency to reduce violence in their neighborhoods based on America promises to take care of them after order was restored? ...
by Marcion
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I know today was a great day. And, believe me, I wanted to wait at least one day, but I can't. While we are celebrating and talking about final tallies and recounts, I have heard too many reports ...
by fightorleave
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Overlooked in the "strum und drag" over the economy and the Presidential debate is a breaking story over a new National Intelligence Estimate that warns that the powderkeg in Iraq may be ready to ...
by ExElephant
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A draft of a new National Intelligence Estimate Warns that Iraq is on the brink of a new outbreak of secterian violence that may undo the surge.
by ExElephant
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We have been hearing the saber rattle for years now on the necessity for the US to preemptively protect ourselves from Iran. The ...
by FundaMental Transformation
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This is about a must read article in today's Washington Post that should be tattooed into the forehead of Joe Lieberman, Billy Kristol, Charles Krauthammer, Mike Barone , the Dick, and any of the '...
by Skywalker1 20 09
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Reading Juan Cole this AM I came to the his extract from the Reuters news of violence in Iraq and this ...
by Fred in Vermont
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So often people of all political persuasions try to elevate military personnel to superhuman status and grant them unquestioned respect simply because of their chosen profession. This also includes ...
by artmartin
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www.thinkprogress.org What Fallon thinks of Petreaus pretty well puts anything Moveon.org said down as tame.
by GrinningLibber
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