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FORCED LABOR IN THE PRODUCTION OF ELECTRONIC GOODS IN MALAYSIA A Comprehensive Study of Scope and Characteristics by Verité EXECUTIVE SUMMARY [Pg 9] The conditions faced by foreign ...
by jamess
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Are you excited about the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight? Yeah? How about watching it on HBO pay per view since you won’t be able to score a ticket that is sure to cost in the 5 figures.
by donsnyc
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Question for you. If you could move anywhere in the world, outside of where you live now, to another country, would you? All expenses would be paid, a job guaranteed, etc... if you were to pack up ...
by BFSkinner
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Describing a clash that claimed the lives of 30 officers as a "misencounter" seems a bit of an understatement, but this is an insurgency that will not end soon or well.
by annieli
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Here we go again. Typhoon Hagupit (Tagalog for "lash") is headed DIRECTLY for the very areas hit by Yolanda a year ago. Eastern Samar Island, a rural area which borders Leyte Island and was ...
by brooklynliberal
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A new Super Typhoon has formed in the Western Pacific is is on a track heading towards the Philippines. Latest indications are its losing some of it intensity. 'Very Ugly': 32 Million in ...
by Lefty Coaster
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This is part 2 of a four-part article series “Cultivating Climate Justice” which tells the stories of community groups on the frontlines of the pollution, waste and climate crises, working ...
by Bev Bell
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Closed Circuit TV cameras show PFC Joseph Scott Pemberton, 19, and three other Marines were drunk when they entered a Ambyanz Disco in Olongapo City around 11pm on Saturday, October 11. They ...
by rserven
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We March for Elephants We March for Rhinos We March for Lions People have asked us—“Why do you march? What good is marching? You should be making direct contact with people in power, with ...
by JrCrone
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On this Sunday afternoon I thought I would introduce you to one of the best men I have ever had the privilege of knowing. He had a real impact on my life. He was a Franciscan Priest and Missionary ...
by michelewln
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By Anne Lim, interviewed by Deepa Panchang   Anne Lim is from Quezon City, Philippines, where she serves as Executive Director of GALANG, a lesbian-led organization that works with urban poor ...
by Bev Bell
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Portions of this essay were adapted from several entries in Presidents' Body Counts at https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/419159. The book is currently being given away for free. Three ...
by Al Carroll
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Welcome to the Overnight News Digest with a crew consisting of founder Magnifico, current leader Neon Vincent, regular editors side pocket, maggiejean, wader, Man Oh Man, rfall, and JML9999. ...
by side pocket
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Brief diary, an intro for what I hope will be more later. So I'm tagging along with my girlfriend and several of her colleagues on a trip to the Philippines for work (hers). I've never been ...
by raptavio
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Nurses visit children in a tent city near pop-up health clinics ...
by National Nurses Movement
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So, it appears there's something being called a "truce" in Ukraine. It's doubtful this will be anything like an end to the troubles there, anymore than was Mykola Azarov's resignation earlier this ...
by Crashing Vor
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The United States acquired the Philippines as a colony following the 1898 Spanish-American war. For American imperialists, acquisition of the Philippines was the start of the American empire and ...
by Ojibwa
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I wrote this with the hopes that it could get published in Rappler.com, a Philippines based news agency, but it didn't make the cut so I am publishing it here.
by DustinDeMoss
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Palawan province is sparsely populated compared to the rest of the Philippines, and it is viewed as the country's frontier. But it also has some stunning scenery for the adventurous traveler. ...
by Lefty Coaster
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The damaged airport terminal as I de-planed on Busunga Island after flying from Cebu City. There were only 7 people on the flight. Yolanda has badly affected tourism on Busunga. Much of the island ...
by Lefty Coaster
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