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1) A libertarian raised by a civilization can be John Galt. A libertarian raised without a civilization is Tarzan. 2) How often do pro-lifers contribute to cancer research? 3) How do they expect ...
by SmallTownHick
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by Walter Brasch O.K., all you loyal readers, I’d appreciate it if you would “Put your hands together” for today’s commentary. I want you to “give it up” for me. But, most of all, I ...
by brasch
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by Dragon5616
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Welcome to The Mad Logophile. Here, we ...
by Purple Priestess
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I am far from an old-timer here, but I guess I am not a new poster so I thought that I would write about some lessons learned. I've seen some great diaries and some great authors, and so I have ...
by BFSkinner
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Welcome to The Mad Logophile. Here, we ...
by Purple Priestess
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I was thinking about some of the phrases that really bug me, they grate on me like nails on a chalkboard. They make me cranky when I hear them. Here's a sample: "Having said that", "at the end ...
by Julie Gulden
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Welcome to The Mad Logophile. Here, we explore words;
by Purple Priestess
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Apparently, in Corsican they have a saying: " Mariteddu Tamant'e Un Ditu Ieddu Voli Essa Rivaritu ": literally, "a husband must be respected even if he is very short." I wonder what ...
by usreeb
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by carsick
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by plf515
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by cmkay
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