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Bon Ton ...
by NCTim
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I'll let Jon Cleary explain.
by NCTim
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On the other hand, this piano is perfect for people who are all thumbs.
by thefarleftside
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by Steven Payne
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The world is right in some places. Boston of late, pianos will be installed at in the City of Boston. Their current placement is undisclosed as of yet. But will revealed shortly as a host of ...
by Horace Boothroyd III
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Cross-posted at The Daily Music Break . Please visit to hear great music across era and genre. The long and important life of Marian McPartland ended last week on Long Island, where the English ...
by cweinsch
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What do dogs, a concert piano, tribal art have in common? They are all part of a special request diary; for someone who said that a diary like this might be her all time favorite kind of diary! I ...
by weck
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Cross-posted at The Daily Music Break . Please visit. Oscar Peterson is among the greatest jazz pianists. Many consider Art Tatum -- as the excerpt below suggests -- to be the best, while ...
by cweinsch
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First of all, welcome! I'm glad to be leading Brothers and Sisters this weekend. Welcome to Brothers and Sisters, the weekly meetup for prayer* and community at Daily Kos. We put an asterisk on ...
by Eowyn9
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by teacherken
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No Vaughan Williams tonight. This diary will indeed be a memorial to Van Cliburn, an American pianist who might have had a wonderful career had celebrity and the Cold War not found him exactly at ...
by Dave in Northridge
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I love this work of art.
by sreeizzle2012
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I wrote this song several years ago after observing the state life in part of my city, East Dayton, Ohio. I hope you enjoy it. I'm taking the day off of politics and controversy ;-).
by ThisAmericanBacon
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Bruce Hornsby's ballad about people defining others in a negative light seems so appropriate in this political season where 47% of the population are "moochers" who need to "get a job" and pay some ...
by pholkiephred
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by sreeizzle2012
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I am passionate about piano fellow kossacks.
by sreeizzle2012
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I admit it. The first clip after the fold is the real reason I'm writing this diary. Whenever I can find a reason to post Horowitz playing Traumerei in Moscow, I grab it. That is not to say that ...
by aravir
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If today is your birthday, best wishes! This intermittent diary series is a labor of love for me. It is rare that the view count tops 30. But it is dates like May 23rd which make it all ...
by aravir
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There is a piano now, here in the Manor . It arrived this morning. A little Baldwin spinet, birthed in the 1960s. It is a sturdy and game little being. We are learning each other. There is a great ...
by blueness
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When I was in college, Vladimir Horowitz announced that he would give a concert in Philadelphia, where I lived. I rushed out and bought tickets. Alas, Horowitz, as he often did, cancelled at the ...
by aravir
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