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Here is the link to the diary I'm referring to: http://www.dailykos.com/story/2015/04/14/1377584/-Is-Something-Wrong-With-Me-Hillary-s-Video-Made-Me-Cry More below the divider doodle.
by bigjacbigjacbigjac
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The next Speaker of the House? Getcha popcorn ready. America's Dumbest Congressman® just announced he will be running against John Boenher for Speaker of the House.
by zenbassoon
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I have never been involved in the pie fights that occur here occasionally. Most of the time, I have no idea what they are about- only gleaning some information from the titles of diaries that ...
by grannycarol
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The Talmud recounts that a Gentile once approached Hillel with the request that Hillel convert him to Judaism. This Gentile did not want to go through a lengthy regimen of learning, so he told Hillel;
by mole333
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New York Environment Report Blog/Website Easy log in. Use any of your accts, ie facebook, google, twitter Tracking the challenges to our environment: climate, water, agriculture, policy, land use, ...
by rebel ga
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Let's face it, the last week or so, while serious issues have been going on too many diaries in the rec list have focused on the problems of being labeled a troll, finding trolls, hunting of trolls, ...
by Chris Reeves
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It should have a topic that is guaranteed to provoke controversy in at least a third of the incoming comments, but will also elicit enough agreement, both for the diary and for at least a third of ...
by serendipityisabitch
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This blog is a life-line to me. I come here to know what's going on. Lately, the meta wars are making me ill. What is all this internecine nonsense? It's Romper Room. All I see is different ...
by Dixiedemocrat
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I have the perfect solution to end the NSA/Snowden flame wars, which are bringing shame upon Daily Kos. Follow me for the answer to all our problems.
by coquiero
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Pie ... we see a lot of it on Daily Kos, yes? Isn’t it nice to find a ‘place’ of refuge? Many nights, for some Kossacks, Top Comments has been that place of refuge. But, on this night, pie has ...
by BeninSC
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Cap'n, we have a problem. There is major dissension and disunity in the ranks of the best ship in the liberal blogosphere's fleet...and we're starting to lose great crewmembers.
by GoGoGoEverton
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It's starting. Today in two diaries on Claire McCaskill and Akin we experienced two different idealists running the thread into the "I refuse to support her because she's too conservative and besides"
by marksb
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Here we are in an election year. A major, serious, important election year (what year isn't?). We're just a couple of months away from national Party conventions, the ads are already running for ...
by commonmass
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So today I made it briefly into Portland to stock up for Passover. Not usually my favourite holiday. But I have to say it was so lively and exciting in the store, everyone talking and shopping and ...
by Mortifyd
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My son gave another one of his great comments today. Last time I highlighted an amazing sense of tolerance and coolness when he speculated that the character of Peep in a kid's show might be ...
by mole333
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Frankly I'm appalled by those of us who recommend chewing gum. Every calorie we burn while chewing gum is a calorie we could apply to walking. And walking _gets_ us places. Walking is honest. ...
by GussieFN
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Enough! All of you! Gawd dammit! I've been around Dkos for over 5 years now, through the Primary Wars and the Obama Wars and I've got to say this is really getting fucking ridiculous. Yeah, that's ...
by poligirl
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Welcome to Thursday Coffee Hour. This is an open topic thread. So pull up a chair and take a sip of your favorite beverage and tell us how your day has been. I’m battling a cold so I will be over ...
by michelewln
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You know you're Old when ... you recognize these show opening theme songs: Mr. Ed - Intro (Opening Theme)
by jamess
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Gosh, there's been so much anger, frustration, fear, depressing news, and Pie Fights just before so many interesting holidays - I believe it's time for Pie and Cocktail recipes!!! I'll start. ...
by Evolutionary
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