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So....I was thinking to myself, "Self, how the hell am I ...
by BFSkinner
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On August 1, 2013, the North Carolina Harm Reduction Coalition’s (NCHRC) Overdose Prevention Project (OPP) began dispensing naloxone in North Carolina as part of community-based overdose ...
by NC Harm Reduction Coalition
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Every once in awhile an article is written that begs this question… Hey, do you trust the medical community? Well, I don’t! There's a constant boast coming out of this community, that only "they"
by thinkingblue
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Denise Cullen has lived through one of the worst tragedies a mother can experience – losing a child. But if there is anything worse than losing a child, it is losing a child to a drug overdose, ...
by NC Harm Reduction Coalition
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Granny Diaries / Number 2 in the Series Can't kill Liberty, cause it be Spirit, beyond the hate of men. Hope has a ...
by Wendys Wink
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Sometimes Woozles can be a challenge, but nothing strikes fear in the heart of a pootie companion as a vet telling you that your pootie has to be medicated. How can that sweet bundle of ...
by HylasBrook
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A couple of news stories today combined with a great PAC video are painting a chilling case for John McCain no longer having the mental ability required to, you know, run this nation. This ...
by kuro
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Then he spotted Cindy while she on a Hawaii vacation with her parents. Seventeen years younger than him and filthy stinking rich, he tapped her on the shoulder at the buffet table and proceeded to ...
by stef
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Cindy McCain may love America more than the rest of us, but she has her faults (
by Mark Warner is God
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Whenever young people, either alone or in pairs, shoot up their place of study, their rampage is followed by tiresome, unimaginative debate. One side, the Joe Liebermans of the world, decry the ...
by Leondische
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