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In the United States, the colorline is a paradox. It is story of continuity and change. The colorline in the Age of Obama, and the post civil rights, era more broadly, are built upon a skeleton of ...
by chaunceydevega
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Yep: The cops shot him. A white police officer in a small South Carolina town shot and gravely wounded a black homeowner who had called 911 during an attempted home invasion. The officers apparently ...
by xxdr zombiexx
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Raw Story posting Prince on Saturday released “Baltimore,” the song he recorded in response to unrest in the city over the police custody death of Freddie Gray. The star shared the track, which ...
by xxdr zombiexx
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This video was aired a few months ago here in MA and it is disturbing. This sort of police brutality doesn't just happen in Southern or "red" states, as you well know it's happening everywhere. ...
by jnww
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We have an ongoing discussion - for lack of a better word - about how to (A) rein in the out-of-control cop behavior we see every day now and (B) providing some sort of support of benefit to their ...
by xxdr zombiexx
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Police Have Killed 400 People in 2015, A New Grieving Family Every 7.5 Hours I am posting just a tiny part of this article, currently posted at Alternet because it has a a few facts that do stand ...
by xxdr zombiexx
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You're probably a good person. If you saw a woman dragged out of a hotel by a man in street clothes, watched him punch her repeatedly, it might occur to you to call the police. That's what Andrew ...
by Jay Elias
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by rebeccahendin
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I watch my fair share of Scandinavian police procedurals--The Bridge, Fortitude, The Killing, among others--and I'm continuously amazed by how pleasant and polite the cops are. They are almost ...
by lawrencegoodman
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Daniel Chong left for 5 days, handcuffed, without food or water or toilet—in a holding cell The LA Times is reporting on Daniel Chong, a 23-year-old UC San Diego engineering student who was ...
by Walter Einenkel
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What we are witnessing are the workings of an “apparatus of justification” to rationalize the “extreme economic inequality” that is on the horizon and that hedge-fund managers’ ...
by alyceejl
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Click to enlarge. Following the murder of Freddie Gray, Baltimore erupted into protests and the national media came ...
by BrianMcFadden
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The officers who killed Freddie Gray have finally been formally charged with murder and manslaughter. Three of the six officers are African-American. ...
by chaunceydevega
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And so it begins. 6 officers indicted. The kindling has been lit and the embers are now in the wind. I wonder how far these beacons of light will spread? I wonder how many of us are willing to be ...
by Kyle Neven
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I was so impressed with M. Mosby that I watched the video again. But if you look at it closely, are these charges really going to stick? She says that the arrest was illegal. That may be true, but I'
by mattinjersey
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Haymarket Tragedy Note: This is not presented as a general overview of May Day history and the Haymarket Martyrs. For a general overview, please ...
by ZhenRen
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CNN report: Lt. Brian W. Rice Rice, 41, an officer since 1997, was one of the officers on bike patrol during the initial encounter with Gray. He made eye contact with Gray, who then ran. Rice and ...
by Timaeus
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Baltimore celebrates after police charged in death of Freddie Gray Residents shouted with joy, embraced and honked car horns on Friday on the same Baltimore streets where rioters had clashed with ...
by xxdr zombiexx
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This is the first time in more than 11 years that I've posted three diaries in one day, and I don't think I've ever posted two in a day. I'm worked up about the Freddie Gray case. That's partly ...
by Timaeus
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Freddie Gray being loaded into a van by Baltimore Police On April 12th, six Baltimore police officers assaulted Freddie Gray and took him on something I'll admit I've never heard of ...
by Shaun King
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