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45 years ago today at Portland State University a police riot broke out during a student anti-war protest. A photo essay by Tom Geil tells the story. My Story: Portland State University - May 11, ...
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A daily series, Connect! Unite! Act! seeks to create face-to-face networks in each congressional district. Groups ...
by smileycreek
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According to Congressman Lacy Clay, the St Louis County Police Force will no longer be responsible or involved in policing the city of Ferguson. Updates as I get them. This is turning into a bit ...
by Wisper
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There is growing outrage over the police violence that took place in Anaheim, California yesterday. Among other things police shot rubber bullets into an unarmed crowd and one released (...
by jpmassar
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A week ago, a police riot in Los Angeles erupted after some Occupiers decided to hand out chalk during an Art Fest in Los Angeles. Several days after, witnesses and advocates testified before the ...
by jpmassar
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A girl was drawing hopscotch. A guy next to her wrote ‘I want peace.’ The next thing, they started arresting people. Everything was calm before the riot police showed up.” -- CBS News Update/...
by jpmassar
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It was a day-long festival in Zuccotti Park / Liberty Square today in New York City. Occupiers re-occupied the park, celebrating the six-month anniversary of Occupy Wall Street's founding. It's ...
by jpmassar
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It may not have been spontaneous, a la Wisconsin. It wasn't 50,000 people -- perhap only Scott Walker could engender that much disgust. But it was still a hella event.
by jpmassar
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Here the Oakland Police Department claims they were attacked by protesters. Do they really not know they are being recorded? In some cases on livestream?
by Horace Boothroyd III
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There were reports from last night that protesters were selectively arrested in Portland. That specific protesters were singled out and arrested. Here is a video of that occurring.
by Horace Boothroyd III
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I was out sick today so I have found little in video to show yet. I'm awaiting uploads. The livestream set up was destroyed by police and about ten protesters were selectively arrested. ...
by Horace Boothroyd III
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Apparently, Mayor Bloomberg was at MIT speechifying , "and began characterizing City Hall as the ...
by joe shikspack
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I've loved blogging anonymously, but I'm not religious about it. So I don't care much if I out myself in the process of explaining to you what Mayor Quan's legal advisor & she herself already know.
by catilinus
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I posted this as a comment and was asked to diary it. This montage syncs the aerial and a ground camera into a visual timeline. Pay close attention to the sequence of events starting at 00:29.
by Zwoof
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The scene I saw this morning looked like a battle zone. Smashed tents, torn camping gear, dented stoves, clothes hanging from poles, & ripped bags with their former contents of canned food strewn ...
by catilinus
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Tonight Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino has joined the likes of Seattle's Paul Shell and Chicago's Richard Daley Sr. in the ranks of American Mayors who have ordered a police riot in their cities. ...
by Lefty Coaster
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First, go watch some of the videos from Iran from the past week. Welcome back. Now watch some of these videos showing what the police forces in our own country do when Americans take to the streets.
by Bob B
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The world has seen a police riot in New York. Mayor Bloomberg looks more like Syrian President al-Assad than the head of a major city in a democratic nation after he set police on demonstrators ...
by niccolo caldararo
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Siun at the Campaign Silo at FireDogLake reports from onsite ...
by TeddySanFran
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Memorial Day in Chicago in 1937 was hot and sunny. On the prairie outside the Republic Steel's Chicago plant the strikers and their families began to gather for picnics. Women were dressed in ...
by gjohnsit
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