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For those who want Congress to have more input from constituents on TPP and TTIP there's still time to stop TPP Fast Track Authority in the House! http://www.oregonlive.com/pacific-northwest-news/...
by divineorder
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Do you know any unsung heroes that have made strides in progressive causes and deserve some time in the spotlight?
by maxfolger
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In a series of three diaries ( Intro , Phase One , Phase Two ), I advocated for people power, the power ...
by Mopshell
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A slaveowner-dominated society is for all its democratic pretensions a totalitarian society that cannot allow contrary notions. For those whites who think they were not involved, the most important ...
by TarheelDem
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You ought to be out raising hell. This is the fighting age. Put on your fighting clothes. -Mother Jones ``````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` Sunday ...
by JayRaye
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RIP, Michael Brown. Those of us left behind mourn your passing today, and mourn as well what the circumstances of that passing shows about our society. Will the person who caused your early death ...
by divineorder
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Portsmouth, New Hampshire is perhaps going to be the ignition point for transgender rights in New Hampshire. The state is the only New England state which has not passed protections for transgender ...
by rserven
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This speech by Mario Savio may inspire some and make others stain their drawers. If you have not come in contact with Mario Savio and the concept of 'Free Speech' this may alarm you. Often ...
by Hermenutic
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WTF? Did you see this? Tell State Sen. Jim Smith: Resign as chair of ALEC in Nebraska. Dear [____] As you may have seen this week, The Guardian newspaper published internal documents ...
by divineorder
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My first clue yesterday that the President was about to give an important speech on the Economy was from Robert Reich's Facebook page post that appear in my news stream. Robert Reich, what a ...
by divineorder
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Some of us progressives despair of the shortcomings of the Obama Administration and corporatist leanings and mistakes in the Affordable Care Act. In this column and other forums I have argued that ...
by StewartAcuff
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Yesterday as was researching for the rec listed diary Hey kos, Afghanistan 2014 Promise? I was sickened to revisit all the waste that has gone on in Iraq and Afghanistan for over a decade. ...
by divineorder
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I have to say that my enthusiasm for political activism is seriously dampened when I get a e-mail like this. Dear Jennifer, I've been keeping an eye on the numbers coming in this month. Here's ...
by Jensequitur
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Credit first to these two diaries from the past week: The Problem With Watching MSNBC: The Manipulation of Liberals Daily Kos is not About More and Better Democrats. It's About Stupid and Stupider ...
by skepticalcitizen
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I don't know if you have that expression in the U.S., but here in Canada it means OK, you have been talking up a storm, now DO something! President Obama gave an excellent speech today in which he ...
by Thomasina
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So we had us a little election, and some people showed up, and wasn't it GRAND? Now that we kept the High Wizard of Etch-E-Sketchdom out of the big chair, and made sure Fighting Harry has a chance ...
by fromer
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Hahahaha, Mr. Romney has had his posterior handed to him by the Obama campaign. Romney really is the symbol of the 'Job Creators'TM, but the problem is most of those jobs have been created in ...
by divineorder
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Yes! Something Positive to do!! Please sign the petition!! Reverse Citizen ...
by roseeriter
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by Armando
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Any irony that the best print coverage of Occupy Wall Street is coming from overseas? Any at all?
by Cabbage Rabbit
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