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BREAKING: via AL.com United States District Court Judge Mark Fuller has given his resignation to the president and will step down from the bench Aug. 1. Fuller's lawyer, Barry Ragsdale, ...
by wclint
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Hurricane Katrina revealed the power of nature and the incompetence of the Federal Emergency Management Agency under Michael Brown . The storm shredded the Gulf coast and breached the levees ...
by DWG
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Proving again that he cannot effectively govern, New Jersey Republican Governor and presidential aspirant Chris Christie lost a lawsuit for failing to pay adequately into his state’s public ...
by StewartAcuff
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The world we live in today is besieged by violent conflicts that sometime shake the foundation of civilized societies. Terrorism has resulted in the brutal killing of many people and has threatened ...
by melshim
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The word 'fraud' is becoming a bitter pill for the North Carolina GOP to swallow this week. After the alleged voting fraud committed by the Koch brothers via AFP/Americans For Prosperity, there ...
by Leslie Salzillo
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Just a quick post as I just caught this: SC House Speaker Bobby Harrell indicted Another 'good ole boy' goin down, maybe!
by jimstaro
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When the pol is an (R), now more of a (T), and in trouble, or still in office, lay blame on any body else and wear the halo of self righteousness, oh and 'patriotism'! Defense points to Bob ...
by jimstaro
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Tell me if you have heard this one before. An industry endangers the public because their products are dangerous to produce, store, transport, or use. They further threaten public safety because ...
by DWG
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You ought to be out raising hell. This is the fighting age. Put on your fighting clothes. -Mother Jones ``````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` Thursday ...
by JayRaye
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When future historians study our time, they really should focus on mountaintop removal strip mining in Appalachia. It will tell them everything they need to know about America in the early 21st ...
by DWG
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Illinois State Representative John Bradley, in introducing amendments #1 & #2 to Senate Bill 649 , is attempting to circumvent the legal process that he himself set into motion just a year ago, when ...
by BrentRitzel
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"Deliver us from Drought!" Free market Capitalism inevitably produces massive inequality, thrives in political corruption and imbecility.  Texas is a good example of the disease, as the state ...
by rotekapellerin
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A daily series, Connect! Unite! Act! seeks to create face-to-face networks in each congressional district. Groups ...
by Dragon5616
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The effect of the McCutcheon decision is to silence ordinary citizens, to deny them their First Amendment rights to speech because their pleas won’t be heard over the million dollar megaphones the ...
by Leo W Gerard
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You may not remember the diary from November, "Former Kossack Arrested on Bullsh*t Charges" (h/t Colorado is the Shiznit) or the earlier one from October "The Legal Schnauzer Caged" (h/t Murphoney).
by 8ackgr0und N015e
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For months, the frustration surrounding the Governor's pro-fracking stance has been simmering among fractivists and democratic party delegates alike. We have done literally everything within our ...
by FractivistForce
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Sacramento: Where Pay-To-Play Means Pay-To-Frack "California is home to one of the largest remaining deposits of oil in the country: the Monterey Shale. It has 13.7 billion barrels of oil locked ...
by FractivistForce
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As I read The New York Times article, Nagin Guilty of 20 Counts of Bribery and Fraud, yesterday, I was struck by the parallels of the incompetence of the recovery efforts, and the mismanagement of ...
by HoundDog
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My father was an important executive in the natural gas industry. Before he died in 1997, he had been president of a municipal gas company, president of the Southern Gas Association, and a ...
by corwinabell
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In Another cover-up in Chris Christie's administration, the editorial board of the New Jersey Star Ledger demands that the Christie administration stop stone-walling and release the transcripts and ...
by HoundDog
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