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Michael JF Matheron, March 17, 2015. Today, the partisanship whirlwind consuming Congress powered up substantially due to an Iowa veterinary school study that would normally go unreported because ...
by mfb1949
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David McCabe ...
by Leslie Salzillo
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Jon Stewart recently came out and defended SNL against those who claim it is no longer funny. But I doubt even Stewart could defend what is attempting to pass for political humor on recent SNL'S, ...
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Did you know there's a conservative answer to Jon Stewart and the Daily Show? Here's some samples of the humor. The show seems to have launched last month. So, being it's a conservative show, ...
by Th0rn
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Comedian and Impressionist Michael Hayne Delivers a funny parody in which he impersonates President Obama. Once again, we find ourselves bombing our favorite place to bomb: The Middle East. ...
by politicalyuk
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Gotta love campaign ads. And of course as Republicans get nuttier and nuttier, so then do the messages they wish to convey in their “vote for me” pleas that we are inundated with on our TVs. ...
by Samuel Helgabond
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Just think, kids, you only have to work a few hours a day, you get re-elected even when you don't do your job, and you can always resign and make big bucks by working for one of those billionaires ...
by PsychoSuperMom
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From Comedian Michael Hayne: Taking time out of his busy schedule of painting cats and clearing brush while the world still feels the pain he inflicted, former President Bush delivers a special ...
by politicalyuk
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"I'm outta here" Greg Abbott.
by franklyn
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“From the Desk of NiciLeaks"
by Nick Vanocur
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Michael Matthew Bloomer, June 26, 2014 Academic Achievement Or "Deceivement"? Last Thursday in Fort Worth at a Texas Classroom Teachers Association gathering, quite-quite conservative GOP ...
by latestbloomer
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Chris Christie is Tony Soprano in Bridgegate Parody NJ comedian/columnist, Michael Hayne , and his video making guru pal, Mark Gardner , have opened a whole new chapter in bridgegate. Combining ...
by politicalyuk
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Political comedian and columnist, Michael Hayne, thought it would be funny to impersonate both John Boehner and Mitch McConnell singing in a Teabagger parody of a Holiday Classic. Set to the tune of ...
by politicalyuk
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Michael Matthew Bloomer, November 21, 2013 ...
by latestbloomer
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*Federal Footnote Enforcement Agency Michael Matthew Bloomer, November 12, ...
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Michael Matthew Bloomer, November 1, ...
by latestbloomer
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Pirate of Politics the Tea Party Caucus *I really want a balanced budget. I want responsible government.* However, I am not allowed to drive to Washington and take the Capital by force of blackmail.
by StephenPaulWest
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Quick! How many Tea Party Caucus members does it take to screw in a lightbulb? Trick question. You have to deregulate utilities companies first, and then let the market decide a new standard for ...
by StephenPaulWest
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Extortion Politics and the Federal Shutdown Normally, it wouldn’t be possible to highjack an entire nation like Somali pirates grabbing a fishing boat. Countries are kind of big things. And, ...
by StephenPaulWest
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