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Way back in the early 90's I was attending college. Like most young kids in college I had an English writing class. I had the chance to exercise my creative side though I quickly found out my ...
by funtony47
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Kind of ironic considering it was about pain management and how horrible they have become. I noticed a couple of things in the comments. (Yes I do read all the comments on my diaries. Even the ...
by funtony47
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Monkey Tail News has evolved from my own wish for a new spine to replace the crumbling one currently in place in my body. I sometimes dream of having a monkey spine complete with the tail. A ...
by funtony47
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Here I am once again writing about pain management. This is a system set up in Hell with no exit. Patients in the system put up with all kinds of rules and regulations just so that they can ...
by funtony47
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There was an interesting article in the NY Times about NYC housing court. The article centers on a lawsuit by the tenants in two buildings in Brooklyn. Their first complaints of inadequate heat ...
by workingwords
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MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell (I'm a Republican, but don't tell anybody).
by Wendys Wink
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The British Medical Journal is an esteemed research publication often reporting breaking medical news of great import. Sometimes not. This article “The Darwin Awards: sex differences in idiotic ...
by d3clark
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“Alright, Young’un. Let’s get somethin’ straight right up front. The only reason I agreed to this Interview is that your Mama is my Big Sister, which makes you kin to little ‘ole me. ...
by Leah Sellers
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There are few things I hate worse than catchphrases or memes - the oft repeated set of words that vested interests and Republicans insert into their spokesmodels or coin-operated politicians to ...
by Puddytat
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This is from the interview below. And this is what makes the fact that there’s even something called “the torture debate” so ridiculous. This debate, quote-unquote, has been settled not for ...
by Don midwest
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The promise: New Squamish councillor Peter Kent will have to set himself on fire. In a video posted to YouTube, Mr. Kent, a professional stuntman who worked as Arnold Schwarzenegger’s stunt ...
by Th0rn
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Many insightful articles have been written since corporate fascism took another giant step toward locking up control of all sectors of this once-great country on Nov. 4. How were the bumbling, ...
by firstdegree
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There is a picture making its way around the internet of a grossly overweight woman standing in what looks like a cafeteria line. She is wearing a pair of shorts that are several sizes too small ...
by RamonaGrigg
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by Egberto Willies
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Recently, I got an email from musician and podcaster Jacob Haller who asked if he could interview me about a song I wrote a zillion years ago (well, really 20 years ago). It spoofed political ...
by SuzanneCloud
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Take an Uzi, stupid adults and a child, mix them together and what do you get? Well, in the case of the incident at Bullets and Burgers--I guess that's a better name than Bullets and Beers--you get ...
by Doctor Jazz
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This article contains something I haven't heard from a politician in decades.
by jackdabastard
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For months, the frustration surrounding the Governor's pro-fracking stance has been simmering among fractivists and democratic party delegates alike. We have done literally everything within our ...
by FractivistForce
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As brilliant and loving as she was beautiful. Melaney Parker was married two months to a wonderful man, had plans to move to Austin, Texas and pursue graduate studies. A promising future was lost. ...
by Singing Lizard
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Sacramento: Where Pay-To-Play Means Pay-To-Frack "California is home to one of the largest remaining deposits of oil in the country: the Monterey Shale. It has 13.7 billion barrels of oil locked ...
by FractivistForce
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