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Woody Allen recently received a Golden Globe lifetime achievement award for his work in films. Nick Kristof (citing allegations by his friends, the Farrow family, that Allen is a child molester) ...
by StevenStrauss
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I listened to PBO's State of the Union address with growing anger. "Drill baby drill", fast track TPP. This not what I wanted to hear! Then I read my latest issue of Rolling Stone magazine this ...
by chuck utzman
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Shown below is an open letter to the authors of a recent Fortune article: " Big Business should stop ignoring Washington ." I would welcome your thoughts: • Do you feel Big Business leaders are ...
by StevenStrauss
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I just received this missive from Torquemadawg, saying that Indiana is considering decriminalizing small amounts of marijuana. This seems sensible to me. I pass it on here without comment. ---------
by HoundDog
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Was George W. Bush a pro-Shi'ite supporter of Iran? No, and Barack H. Obama isn't Pro-Islamic either.
by StevenStrauss
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Your opportunity to be a "micro-entrepreneur": By cleaning other people's homes or renting out your spare room.
by StevenStrauss
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Only hypocrisy and demagoguery can explain Republican opposition to gun regulation, alleging potential infringement of constitutional freedoms -- alongside Republican support for monitoring American ...
by StevenStrauss
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Michael Matthew Bloomer, November 1, ...
by latestbloomer
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Michael Matthew Bloomer, October 19, ...
by latestbloomer
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I have written many, many times about Wall Street and its rotten practices, and how their reckless decisions are hurting families. For years now, we've known that Wall Street had too much influence ...
by Michael Lux
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In a downpour of Republican Anti-Choice and Anti-Women bills that drench the news, a ray of truth shines through. Rep. Doug Cox of Oklahoma, a rare Republican lawmaker who supports a woman's ...
by Leslie Salzillo
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House Speaker John Boehner set out to preside over a do-nothing Congress, and he has succeeded. As this week’s scheduled repeal vote of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) shows, Boehner is an over-...
by Ethan Rome
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Here's an outrage that must be changed: Big Pharma has been systematically price-gouging the Medicare program for seniors and people with disabilities -- and raking in billions in excessive profits. ...
by Ethan Rome
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Prescription drug companies spend more than 19 times as much on marketing as they do on basic research. With prescription drug ads airing continuously in the U.S., the cost of medicines has soared. ...
by Ethan Rome
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During the 2013 Conservative Political Action Conference, Steve Crowder laughed and joked, 'What is this obsession with Ashley Judd and rape?' Okay. Let's see. Last year, former Republican ...
by Leslie Salzillo
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BY BILL MOYERS & MICHAEL WINSHIP Originally posted at BillMoyers.com In our last episode of that ongoing Washington soap opera, "As the Door Revolves," we introduced you to former federal ...
by Bill Moyers
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Last week, The New York Times published a chilling account of how indiscriminate killing in war remains bad policy even today. This time, it's done not by young GIs in the field but by anonymous ...
by Bill Moyers
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Every seven years the amount of information in the world is said to be doubled, and so does our stupidity of what to do with it. Just ask Governor Bobby Jindal, who couldn't believe people thought ...
by PoliticalPizza
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In a conversation we had only yesterday, Matt Taibbi criticized the Obama Administration's approach to holding banks accountable for their behavior, arguing that fearing another economic calamity is ...
by Bill Moyers
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Today, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner warned that the debt limit will be reached by December 31, just five days from now, but that by taking "certain extraordinary measures," the Treasury ...
by HoundDog
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