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Congress maybe the only place that "common sense" is considered to be a concealed weapon!...because we certainly couldn't see any of it on display this past week! First we have the Speaker of the ...
by PoliticalPizza
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There are 300 million guns in the United States. According to governors like Rick Perry from Texas, right-wing pundits like Mike Huckabee and countless other apologists for the status quo, the ...
by James Salt
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The Pen might be mightier than the Sword but I'm afraid Gun will top Pen - in the latest Congressional game of Rock - Paper - Scissors! As long as the NRA continues to stand for No Reasonable ...
by PoliticalPizza
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When the President assumed office 4 years ago, he described the economy as having been driven off the road and into a ditch. 4 years later we are out of the Ditch and on the edge of a Cliff. But if ...
by PoliticalPizza
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It took an elementary school massacre for our government's leaders to finally call for gun reform. Today President Obama announces a task force. Dianne Feinstein pledges to revive a law reinstating ...
by PoliticalPizza
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Written by HEIST co-director/co-producer Frances Causey. History has proven time and time again that the United States has prospered the most when capital and labor work hand in hand with each other.
by donnyg1941
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Shortly on the heels of the tragic shooting in the Clackamas Town Center Mall in Oregon, where two people were killed by a gunman with a semi automatic rifle, came the biggest tragedy in US history: ...
by sanghoee
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Nancy Pelosi will continue to serve as House minority leader, in part, she said, to do more promotion of women and minorities in Congress.
by JenniferGranholm
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Note: This entry was co-written by donnyg1941 and JeffreeB Many readers of our last post about Pete Peterson's attack on Social Security commented on a very accurate point: Social Security ...
by donnyg1941
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Anyone who thinks President Obama will magically turn around in his second term and be a real progressive is high on a 2008 supply. Soon after President Obama is re-elected he will do the Grand ...
by Cenk Uygur
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I can't believe that the Scott Brown-Elizabeth Warren race is still uncomfortably close. Do the people of Massachusetts realize that Scott Brown took $20 billion of taxpayer money and handed it ...
by Cenk Uygur
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Republicans so far have referred to legitimate rape, forcible rape, easy rape, honest rape, emergency rape, enjoyable rape and now gift-from-God rape. Check out this unbelievable Republican Party ...
by Cenk Uygur
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For those of you who like to sleep in Sunday morning, here's a quick summary of our election status this morning for your convenience. Last night's 8:42 p.m. update by Mark Blumentha still sums it ...
by HoundDog
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As Republican rhetoric leading into the elections becomes increasingly bizarre (Mitt Romney's infamous "47%" remark being the latest example), I have been scratching my head about what the Party is ...
by sanghoee
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Senator Dean Heller (R-NV), Senator Scott Brown (R-MA), and Linda McMahon, Senate candidate for Connecticut spared no time in distancing themselves from Mitt Romney's controversial 47% remarks, ...
by HoundDog
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A very disturbing thing happened during the Republican National Convention this week: two attendees threw nuts at a black CNN camerawoman and said "this is how we feed the animals." The attendees ...
by sanghoee
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The last few weeks have been all about Paul Ryan: his infamous budget, his fiscal extremism, his disdain for social safety nets like Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security, his rejection of the ...
by sanghoee
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In my blog on Huffington Post today, I talk about the need for Americans to question the Second Amendment and rationalize it's real intent. Please note that the entire blog is included below but ...
by sanghoee
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In my blog on Huffington Post, I discuss what Romney's track record on Gay Marriage and Women's Rights tells us about him, and why it should be a big concern for us in the elections.
by sanghoee
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In response to the shooting in Colorado, I posted the following article on Huffington Post about Gun Control. Readers obviously have strong views but what amazed me is the racial rhetoric that ...
by sanghoee
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