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My takeaways from these two latest polls (and folks here who follow my comments know I’m NOT a fan of these absurdly early, extremely volatile numbers): Hillary’s experiencing some significant ...
by bobswern
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Perhaps Rasmussen should ask its sample respondents whether they think the poll they're answering has a bias as well.
by annieli
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America is going through great changes. We always have done so -- it is the nature of our nation, and the nature of the times. But this is a recent phenomenon. In ancient eras, it could be ...
by OutOnALimb
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He might just make the cut with primary ...
by Joan McCarter
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For the first time, the Kaiser Family ...
by Joan McCarter
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It's a given if you're a Republican: everyone hates ...
by Joan McCarter
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This is some fascinating stuff about whether pollsters ...
by Kerry Eleveld
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That, thankfully, is not the face of America. Vox recently commissioned a poll from communications and strategy ...
by Joan McCarter
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Does Jesus really love us enough ...
by Joan McCarter
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The approval gap for Obamacare has narrowed to the ...
by Joan McCarter
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In response to right-wing Chicago Tribune's recent poll asserting that: Now, Emanuel holds a 21-point lead among black voters, 52 percent to 31 percent. Down With Tyranny mocks Tribune brass's ...
by emorej a Hong Kong
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Comparison of 2008 and 2016 polling until the first day of primary contests, via the New York Times Hillary Clinton has had a rough time recently after news broke that she used private email to ...
by Stephen Wolf
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by Walter Einenkel
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"Oh right, 2016. I forgot about that." The lunatic fringe of the Republican House caucus was bound to give the Senate majority migraines, but this week we got a glimpse of just how noxious its right-
by Kerry Eleveld
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If the voting public of America was making decisions ...
by Joan McCarter
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“meet the state’s workforce needs.” instead of searching for the ...
by annieli
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Pollster Peter Hart spoke at Harvard's Shorenstein Center on February 3, 2015 to a small group of people in the regular Tuesday noon conversation. He brought slides from the recent NBC/...
by gmoke
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by Barbara Morrill
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In a Presidential election, roughly 60% of the voters actually cast ballots. In the primary elections preceding the general, roughly 30% of the voters cast ballots, and that's in a good year. Since ...
by blue aardvark
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My SOTU speech for President Obama: As an American, I believe in science. In the past our scientists have improved the quality of lives around the world with their diligent research. Polio is ...
by johnell
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