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Princeton Election Consortium is once again diverging pretty markedly from most other aggregators and as of today has Dems back to a 50% probability of holding 50 seats. Pollster has gone the ...
by Houses in Motion
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Yet again we find ourselves asking, "Who could've guessed?" President Obama's top pollster [Joel Benenson] said the Republican Party has a *'tolerance problem'* and predicted it will continue to ...
by DeadHead
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I was just perusing pollster's breakdown of the current state of the House of Representatives in the incoming Congress, and in light of comments coming from the GOP that the elections changed ...
by litho
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Silver had a good night on the Presidential front; on the Senate races, however, not so spectacular. Pollster.com, however, was right on the money on both.
by Themistokles
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First time diary here. Forgive my inability to stay focused. I have a full-time job but suffer from a deficiency in enough income to pay for daycare. So I also have part time job in telemarketing. ...
by gossamer1234
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The most recent iteration of Pollster's Electoral College projections, as posted today on Huffington Post, eliminates the last remaining tossup states (NC and NH) by assigning them to Barack Obama. ...
by litho
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I have studiously watched all (I think) of the 2011/2012 Republican debates. I wanted to expose myself to a variety of points of view, even if they might differ from my own current preconceived ...
by David Satterlee
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Nobody who follows US politics is unaware of the accusations of bias in the pollster Rasmussen. Neither can anyone be unaware of the logic behind such accusations. Yet still, Scott Rasmussen’s ...
by Pragmatus
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Back on November 1st, when posting my final Senate and Governor Snapshots, I wrote : ...
by Chris Bowers
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The apparent fraud with Research 2000 polls made me think about the way that polls are conducted. Polling is so much of an art form and the profession is full of secrets when it comes to the methods ...
by LarzJG
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Stochastc Democracy explains the difference between House Effects(Bias) and Design Effects(PIE), problems with Nate Silver's ...
by davidshor
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This is just utterly shameful, even for a biased Republican-favoring pollster like Scott Rasmussen. Since the right wing ...
by KingofSpades
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I've been watching the data at pollster.com to follow the latest polls, but also to follow the National Party ID's and how they've been trending in recent weeks.
by KingofSpades
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Under the spreading chestnut tree I sold you and you sold me - George Orwell, 1984 Funny thing is, I don't remember the part ...
by MinistryOfTruth
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Many of us -- myself included -- have made a pretty big deal about fivethirtyeight.com, Nate Silver's election projection website. But, as some people pointed out, he doesn't really have a record ...
by elchip
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Since yesterday afternoon I have been unable to access pollster.com. It took me about 24 hours to find out why. It turns out Sprint, my ISP, is having a feud with Cogent, pollster's service provider.
by laurel
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Okay, I found the link at Pollster.com.... but it did come from MSNBC and Chuck Todd's group, but COME ON!!! More below the fold:
by CBcomedian
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[EDIT: All times are CENTRAL. That's where I live and that's where the victory speech will be. All times based off this page .]
by Pinwiz11
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I commented on a thread yesterday that Obama was only 1 New Hampshire away from going over 270 electoral votes in the "strong" category. Ding..ding..we have our New Hampshire!
by TominGA
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This morning I woke up with an interview with Jan van Lohuizen. I didn't know the guy, but it seems he ...
by David Rietveld
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