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The Catholic Church is not going to care what I write or say about the canonization of Pope John Paul II. The Church has never been a democratic institution, so to hell with my opinion. And I am a ...
by Merlin1963
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With his stirring, progressive pronouncements upsetting those conservatives with money and power across the globe, Pope Francis has already become a transformational world leader. And he continues ...
by David Harris Gershon
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Want to be a saint—it's easy! First be a Pope , and then another Pope will fast-track you to sainthood — it's the Catholic way! And the Church knows a thing or two about saints; they have one ...
by jps1
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From the ghetto of Warsaw during the German invasion of Poland, thousands of Jewish mothers made the unthinkable torturous decision to allow young Gentile women to smuggle their children out of the ...
by JaxDem
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It has been around eighty-two years since the first gender reassignment surgery surgery. It has only been 13 years since the Catholic Church decided that surgery for transsexual people is "against ...
by rserven
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The hoopla surrounding the Pope's prospective abdication is surreal to me. I'm not Catholic, so to many I have no say in the matter and shouldn't write anything on this matter. I'll try to be ...
by JDWolverton
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Too many citizens, and particularly politicians, prostrate themselves to Wall Street’s bronze idol. They revere financial titans who pay themselves and their minions millions to manipulate money ...
by Leo W Gerard
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I know this will come as a complete shock to some, but my sister and I do not see eye-to-eye, philosophically or religiously. Serena (not her real name) and I are disgustingly close, and ...
by Colorado is the Shiznit
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I do most of my writing for the Iowa progressive community blog Bleeding Heartland. Following up ...
by desmoinesdem
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See AP via AOL News, Vatican diplomat Cardinal Pio Laghi dead at 86 ,
by David Boyle
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Were we courageous and moral people of high character, we would fight them here so we wouldn't have to fight them "over there".
by Sarge in Seattle
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...the common people suffer. "In the old days," said a priest in northern Brazil, some 14-odd years ago, "Child death was richly celebrated. But those were the baroque customs of a conservative ...
by Shaviv
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Perhaps, this will bring a tear to your eye. While Bush was jeered and boooed at today's funeral, Bill Clinton ...
by Al Rodgers
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