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Seeing no Daily Bucket and itching to post more links I see in my online neighborhood of the NW Coast..here tis. As usual, haha, you don't need my permission to use this as an open thread ...
by KenBee
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CALL TO ARMS: Get Jeff Merkeley to be a Tad bit more Radical in his Fast track opposition he's on the record against it: here's the letter... Oregon's Senator Jeff Merkley Dear Paul, Thank you ...
by daeros
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Preying on the unfortunate costs us all so much more in the final analysis Streetrootsnews has an interesting and entirely ...
by Walter Einenkel
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I got a giggle out of these rings that are embedded in the curbs in Portland, Oregon. They were put in to tie horses to, and now that there are only cars and pedestrians, they are not so useful ...
by art ah zen
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Hi All, This is my first diary for Daily Kos. All my life, I've been a lurker. A loner. An "army of one." Take a large dose of cynicism, add the dislocation from a lifetime of moves to ...
by War4Sale
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by Ojibwa
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In the wake of the events in Ferguson, I think the above photograph is both interesting and very touching. ...
by librarisingnsf
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For two years now, we have delivered quilts, handmade cards and teddy bears to a VA Hospital, concurrent with Netroots Nation. Last year, we added knitted or crocheted hats and scarves to the gift,
by Sara R
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A daily series, Connect! Unite! Act! seeks to create face-to-face networks in each congressional district. Groups ...
by navajo
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Is it the apocalypse? Second Coming of Ronald Reagan? New Coke? Ripped from today's headlines : A Liberian woman who recently arrived in Portland and was monitoring herself for Ebola symptoms ...
by Cartoon Peril
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HUZZAH! It looks like I'm negotiating a place for the kitties with someone. I'll keep it updated. Apparently the person that has a space to keep them warm also needs a handyman for some work ...
by Horace Boothroyd III
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Daily Kos & MoveOn.org have joined forces to pursue a joint GOTV venture: Voters ...
by Angie in WA State
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Businesses wanting to be listed in the 2014 Kos Katalogue Geographic Locator simply kosmail to mettle fatigue, heading your message "FOR MY KOS KATALOGUE GEO LISTING", and copypaste into the ...
by mettle fatigue
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LGBT Literature is a Readers and Book Lovers series dedicated to discussing books that have made an impact on the lives of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people. From fiction to ...
by sfbob
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Kossacks of Oregon, are you doing your bit to keep Portland weird? For example ...
by Cartoon Peril
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In my first diary I told you about the wonderful time I had with newpioneer in off-the-beaten-path Puerto Rico . Now, we'll start in the most urban place in the world, move north to a place that ...
by Dave in Northridge
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Stop and think for a moment. These days, what is your first reaction to hearing about a school shooting stealing the lives of innocent children? Is it shock? Horror that something this tragic could ...
by EmilyCare2
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That's right. My son is at this minute at a Portland area high school. Then I click on DKOS during a quick break and see: 'Active shooter' reported at Portland, Oregon high school. I have to ...
by Cartoon Peril
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It was just announced that we can drink the water again. But remember to let ALL your facets run for at least two minutes to flush out the water in your pipes. The hot water can be flushed out with ...
by se portland
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Boil your water before consuming. Water samples taken at three locations test positive over three-day period for bacteria. The State of Oregon Health Authority’s Drinking Water Program has ...
by Horace Boothroyd III
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