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In 1950, 24-year-old Army Corporal Lindsey C. Lockett was captured by Chinese troops in Korea. Word came that he died in captivity. Now, 65 years later, the Department of Defense informed his family ...
by DrillSgtK
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The following MIA have been accounted for. Cpl. Leland F. Smith , U.S. Army, Company K, 35th Infantry Regiment, 25th Infantry Division, was lost Nov. 28, 1950, in North Korea. He was accounted for ...
by DrillSgtK
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Many American families have traditions of military service. I am always glad to point out the proud military service of my Brother, in the US Air Force, and my candidate, US Air Force. Today, ...
by Chris Reeves
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Just like his tepublican predecessor did, the still leader, that nobody even mentions, of that once political party that still call themselves republican, so does everyone else, until mittens is ...
by jimstaro
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by JaxDem
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That "Noble Cause", which one "GoldStar Mom" asked to be answered very publicly and never was, comes when those who serve do everything in their power, and know those around them will do same, to ...
by jimstaro
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When Barack Obama was campaigning in the Toledo area, he met the now famous “Joe the Plumber” of Holland, Ohio. Joe said that he was about the buy his boss’s business and that it ...
by ShermanDeBrosse
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At times, I've lamented here that we just can't seem to get past Vietnam in so many ways. The perceived wound to our national pride and horrible misadventure that was our presence there ...
by lapin
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cross-posted at my blog Southern Liberal Living . Don't know if this has been diaried, but I just read this via ...
by Sandy on Signal
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Republican columnist George Will has been echoing The Wall Street Journal’s sharp criticisms of Mc Cain. The paper was alarmed by Mc Cain’s somewhat childish attacks on Chris Cox, ...
by ShermanDeBrosse
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Anyone who has looked into the "swift boating" of John Kerry will quickly see that there was more going on than just a blind ...
by Plisko
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Just as it wasn't about the cookies Mrs. Clinton didn't bake; it's not about having been a POW, but the experience and what you take away from it. When my friend, Andy, who'd escaped from Hungary ...
by hannah
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All of the outrage over anyone daring to question John McCain's fitness to be president by saying being shot down and held as a POW isn't a real test of executive ability got me to thinking a ...
by xaxnar
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back in 1996, according to Elliot D. Cohen in a guest column at Buzzflash . And even though there were several eyewitnesses and ...
by ChrisG7
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We all know that politics is a dirty business and that the 2008 campaign for President is going to get nasty. We need to be prepared. Although I personally believe that the Democrats can win on ...
by Blue Intrigue
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Cross Posted at Docudharma A while back I got the urge to visit Goodwill, I rarely do because the days of bargains are long ...
by snackdoodle
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I wonder how other Americans feel when they see that black flag flying on the same pole as the Stars and Stripes. Are they proud? indifferent? confused? annoyed? Or do they ...
by Wilkes and Liberty
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I'm sure that we are all very familiar with the Republican party propaganda machine constantly proclaiming that they alone support the troops and that the rest of us are unpatriotic. Well in a new ...
by redstatehatemonitor
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That was the slogan on a button I got on the day I recieved my POW/MIA bracelet - way back in the day. The day when people who believed the war was wrong were told we didn't care about our troops. ...
by dansk47
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by SLJ
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