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Now with all the political grandstanding and delay that went along with this Fiscal Cliff jump. Repubs have once again unwittingly lost the words of words. As they tried to tag Pres Obama with the ...
by FLS
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The following topics are OFF LIMITS for the ROMNEY CAMPAIGN. They don't want to talk about it No wonder, he is left with lies and false outrage about President Obama .... mitt doesn't want to ...
by InfiniteThoughts
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I am very upset at the thought that the President would just sign anything in order to save the country's financial security WHY!!!!! If the Republicans are willing to destroy the nation, LET THEM.
by Taming the FOX
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Watch Live Feed of President Obama in Ohio for the Democrats live. See below the fold.
by Iche liebe PBHO
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ATTN watch President Obama Speak at Gov Deval Patrick's rally. Watch live here. See below the fold.
by Iche liebe PBHO
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Taday has pissed me off no end. This same unrelenting and continued denigration of whatever President Obama says or does is irking me beyond all bounds. This morning on Morning Joe they were ...
by Taming the FOX
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Every time I turn around; the News media,t.v.,papers, Radio, Bogs and so on defiles what little credibility they have just to make President Obama look bad. If corporate media is trying so hard to ...
by Knights of Dusk
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Today, I listened to another MSNBC's morning joe rant about the nerve of the White House to say that Fox News is not a real news agency. Joe was astounded that they would say that. Well, in my ...
by Taming the FOX
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I do not agree with President Obama on every issue. For example, I do not know where the War in Afghanistan is going. I do not know why we just didn't lift the embargo altogether on Cuba. I hated ...
by JoanMar
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Some people would want to convince us that one man has all the answers. Apparently we made a serious mistake last November as the wrong man was elected. Well I have some thoughts about him and the ...
by JoanMar
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I can't believe that I'm the only one catching this or maybe I missed the discussion about this. But didn't Palin just take President Obama to task about using the term 'special olympics' in what ...
by kosser
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As if this hasn't been the operating principle all along. This get rich quick by any means necessary culture...so that I can have my house featured on Cribs and on the Rich and The Famous, and buy ...
by JoanMar
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