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Senator Bernie Sanders is a friend of mine. After all he wrote the foreword to my second book, Playing Bigger Than You Are . I have the utmost respect for Elizabeth Warren. But I also have a lot ...
by StewartAcuff
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Here's a quick remake of senator, and now presidential candidate, Ted Cruz's inaugural campaign video for 2016. Cruz has so much substance, unfortunately, the wrong kind of substance. He's a smart ...
by Mark Fiore
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This column started as a mystery trying to ...
by jburtonprod
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The outrage has been palpable. The excuses have been lame. The support for the actions of these 47 Senators has been non-existent. Will this culminate in charges being brought against these seditious,
by jburtonprod
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I first posted a version of this diary in 2011. On the 51st death anniversary of the last American President to be assassinated while still in office, it is useful to remember not John F. ...
by JekyllnHyde
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It is well worth a trip back to the Constitution to determine who has the ultimate responsibility for the IRS. SECTION 8 of the U.S. Constitution opens with: "The Congress shall have Power To lay ...
by otherwise
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“You son of a bitch you moved the cemetery, but you left the bodies didn’t cha?!…You only moved the headstones!!” I wonder if Reince Preibus was screaming this to some elderly Republican ...
by tmcbpatriot
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Is it me or did something profound happen after this election? Obama won the election by a comfortable margin, even after all those hundreds of millions were wasted and FOX and the right wingers ...
by tmcbpatriot
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I first posted a version of this diary last year. On the 49th death anniversary of the last American President to be assassinated while still in office, it is useful to remember not John F. ...
by JekyllnHyde
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Ok, so stop me if you've heard this one: A Cuban and a writer from GQ walk into the back room of a local community center in Miami's Little Havana neighborhood. The writer then asks the Cuban: GQ: "
by tmcbpatriot
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Sometimes I get so angry that I want to punch holes in the page with my pen. Unfortunately, in this day and age the best I can do is maybe hit all caps. So I will try that now: F**K YOU ORRIN HATCH ...
by tmcbpatriot
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I saw this brief story at Talking Points Memo that made me wonder about the Republican comeback and what that might look like. The story read as follows: "Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA), the ...
by tmcbpatriot
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If read one more article about “why Romney lost” I am going to pass out. I turned it into a drinking game and so far I have gone through two bottles of Captain Morgan. In fact, I haven’t ...
by tmcbpatriot
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Cross Posted at The Progressive Zionist So... What now? Last night... the question asked of me by a good friend. What now? The President was re-elected, CA has a super-majority of Dems. running ...
by volleyboy1
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Finally, it’s that time! It’s been a long road to get here and soon it will be all over — At least for a few days until we start figuring out who is going to run in 2016. As for tomorrow, I ...
by tmcbpatriot
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Define Metaphor or Irony. Is it whose signs are made to stand even in Cleveland's taste of Sandy? That those Obama signs that didn't make it in the 80 mph winds still had their backbone, er base/ ...
by ClevelandAttorney
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Dear Kossacks: (CC: PBO, and Senator Brown) Thank you for reminding me, daily, why I never questioned my vote. Nor my need to vote. Nor my need to do more. With this in the Mail Box I think if I ...
by ClevelandAttorney
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My Friends, Please accept my good wishes for a happy and healthy New Year for you and your families. May it bring good health, happiness, security and a sense of repose into your life. May the New ...
by H Scott Prosterman
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Sorry for the short diary but here is prime example #1 of just how out of touch Mitt Romney is with the average American... Romney says 'middle-income' $250k and below BOSTON (AP) — Mitt Romney ...
by volleyboy1
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Solutions v.s. Complaining. Actions v.s. Inaction. Both are easy words to understand, yet there are differences between to two. Solutions/Actions include seeking alternative opinions for the issue, ...
by kayla9170
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