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Markos tells us now that "Please proceed, Governor" was his favorite moment of 2012. Well, OK. Not my pick, but I understand it. Now with the election over, though, I feel free to write what I ...
by Seneca Doane
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Political battles are not won with facts and figures but with figures of speech. Year after year, we see Republicans overcome a massive onslaught of empirical evidence by winning the battle of ...
by Luhks
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The RAND poll today shows Democrat voter participation up from historical pattern by at least 3% since the Denver debate. It may sound comical to describe 3% as "skyrocketing." But for a leaden ...
by bontemps2012
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Need a laugh. Here's a whole binder full of them. Someone PLEASE make a gif or a pic of the look on McCain's face when he hears Triumph say "John McCain is here just in case Mitt Romney needs ...
by MinistryOfTruth
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For Mitt Romney, profit is the priority. He hasn't responded to any of the letters sent to him by workers at Sensata Technologies, a car sensor manufacturer in Freeport, Ill. owned by Bain Capital. ...
by Leo W Gerard
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After Monday's riveting final debate , I watched as the candidates hugged their wives, countless Romneys flooded the stage, and a tiny Romney grandson rushed to shake President Obama's hand. The ...
by Patience is Not a Virtue
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Part way into the "Debate" was that it appeared to me that Obama was doing and interview with Moderator Shieffer. Romney appeared to be a stand in (prior to going on air and every once in awhile ...
by ClevelandAttorney
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Bob Schieffer asked question after question on Middle East terrorism. Is nothing else important in the world? Does the rest of the world even exist?
by Eric Lotke
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It’s a question that could have been asked in any one of the three debates because it has implications on domestic policy, on the economy and on international affairs. It’s estimated it will ...
by murasaki
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on my show at BeeVocal . The show is called Politics with teacherken and tonight at 7 EDT I will be talking about the debate, the response to it, and the state of the Presidential race. If as a ...
by teacherken
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Barack Obama just won the election. Bill Kristol has declared Mitt Romney the winner of tonight's debate: Mitt Romney is more than holding his own with Barack Obama tonight. That's Bill Kristol. ...
by MeMeMeMeMe
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This was the last debate of the 2012 Presidential campaign. We observed a President Obama that was cool, calm and collected. It was obvious that this President has a grasp on foreign policy, perhaps ...
by carlosgalindo
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This will be short and sweet... I am so proud of our President. He demolished Willard Romney. While sitting and watching tonight, I kept saying when President Obama got that look when Romney was ...
by tiredofcrap
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I did get to see our Commander in Chief whuppin Mittens tonight - but I was a bit distracted. Here in Golden, Sunshiny, Northern California - Sacramento, we just had five different tornadoes touch ...
by Evolutionary
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Just in from CNN : BREAKING: Results of CNN-ORC post-debate poll of debate watchers. Who won debate? Obama 48, Romney 40. +/- 4.5% #CNNDebate If this snap poll had the same heavily Republican ...
by MeMeMeMeMe
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...Steve Schmidt's lunch...I was half listening while I was reading...but it sounded like Matthew's went ballistic on Schmidt's glib cynicism re Romney's pandering/shape-shifting to anything he ...
by Sheeshka
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Last week, Anne Romney went on The View and claimed that her husband went to "every funeral" of the military personnel from MA killed on duty when he was governor. Well, that is except for 2. She ...
by betson08
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A letter to U.S. Presidential Candidates before their third debate from a Chinese student in the US. Reposted from gmail blog with original author's permission.
by xgz
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The headlines in the local New York newspapers made it sound like they were reporting on a boxing match or a football championship game. The New York Times claimed Rivals Bring Bare Fists to Rematch ...
by Reeces Pieces
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This was posted this morning by an online friend of mine on Facebook; I thought it was so good--as well as being an interesting spin on the debate that I hadn't seen elsewhere--that I asked his ...
by Brainwrap
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