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Over the past few weeks, I've written about a particular aspect of Rick Warren that has so far seen very little formal media attention--his extensive connections to groups and persons connected to ...
by dogemperor
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Nearly two and a half years to the day, I wrote an early article detailing Rick Warren's connections with Paul Yonggi Cho nee ...
by dogemperor
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Now are our brows bound with victorious wreaths;
by Dirk Thrust
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It's generally the tradition that people do like to be scared around Halloween--originally a festival meant to drive away the monsters of the night, we now celebrate all things spooky and monstrous.
by dogemperor
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In yesterday's post , I went into some of the initial detail on a statement given by Thomas Muthee in ...
by dogemperor
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Today's diary is--and yes, I know, this is a shocker--NOT going to be about Sarah Palin. At least, not directly. This is more towards some of her supporters...and especially in light of ...
by dogemperor
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Over the past few weeks, folks on the Internet have turned up an impressive amount of info re Sarah Palin's questionable judgements--including scandals involving the Alaska State Police (now known ...
by dogemperor
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A few days ago, I had reported on Palin's linkages to "Bible-based cult" promoter Bill Gothard ...and, sadly, followup info ...
by dogemperor
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A few days ago, I wrote an article detailing several more links between Palin and particularly disturbing elements of the "Joel'
by dogemperor
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Much like the US Postal Service, neither rain nor snow nor 70% of my hometown's power infrastructure being eaten by Ike will stop me from posting the latest on Palin's connections with dominionists.
by dogemperor
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Always Lose: that was the title of the diary I drafted here (and never published) but posted on both Motley Moose ...
by Brit
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I came across today's Gallup poll tracking presidential nomination preferences in the democratic party. According ...
by Sallyport
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I've been writing an on-again, off-again series regarding Bill Gothard's hydra of frontgroups--and in particular a little-known Gothard frontgroup called Police Dynamics Institute. Gothard's legacy ...
by dogemperor
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In a continuation of a series I began some days ago on Police Dynamics Institute--a frontgroup of the Bill Gothard "Bible-based" cult targeting public safety officials, and one with links ...
by dogemperor
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Bill Gothard--as I've been showing the past couple of days--runs a highly coercive "Bible-based" group whose abuses rival that of Scientology in pure "may be harmful" content....with a taste for ...
by dogemperor
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I CANNOT believe it - I am watching Wolf interview Hillary re: Florida and he asked her - would you go to court to get the Florida and Michigan delegates seated at a brokered convention. What ...
by paddy henry
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Over the past week or so, I've written a lot about Bill Gothard's various frontgroups--originally inspired by reports of Mike ...
by dogemperor
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In yesterday's post --a new series on the Gothard frontgroup Police Dynamics Institute, inspired by reports nationwide of ...
by dogemperor
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Over the past few days, I've been writing a lot about the various hijinks of neopente dominionist cult leader Bill Gothard--...
by dogemperor
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Ah, yes. January...the season where snowflakes fall, the temperature drops...and politicians like Mike Huckabee start in the spin cycle after being outed for their dominionist connections and ...
by dogemperor
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