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Crossposted from the Worldwatch Institute's Nourishing the Planet . Agricultural production is ...
by NourishingthePlanet
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That's right they do...and they'd do anything for it! They'll beg, they'll #ff you on Twitter, they might even break out into a spontaneous rap praising your amazing self... who is this ...
by Spedwybabs
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This is just breaking within the past hour or so. Below is the press release from the 'Restore the Gulf.gov' site along with the initial draft agreement. Still looking at the news articles just ...
by jimstaro
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Two weeks ago we were being told the majority of the Oil Spilled was "mostly" gone ...
by jamess
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How did five million barrels of oil simply disappear?
by jamess
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The oil has gone? Tell that to Gulf coast residents By Rupert ...
by jamess
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Maybe the NYTimes will help Last week, Senator Bill Nelson, Democrat of Florida, tried to bring a small group of journalists with him on a trip he was taking through the gulf on a ...
by jamess
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Hot off the Presses ... Scoop: Gulf well may be gushing 25,000 to 30,000 barrels By ...
by jamess
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You've got to love breathless headlines, full of the 'best spin' possible. BP manages to catch some ...
by jamess
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Tracking the Oil Spill in the Gulf New York Times, May 31, ...
by jamess
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Scientists can be Superheroes too . Have you ever needed a Penicillin shot, or did comparison shopping on a PC, or wondered what the surface of Mars looks like? Well thank a ...
by jamess
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Science is one of those subjects I'm passionate about. Without Science, we'd still be casting spells, and coaxing The Fates. If we're not careful, we may be headed back to those "bad old days".
by jamess
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Markey to Get Live Feed of BP Oil Spill on Website BP Acquiesces to Markey’s Request, Will ...
by jamess
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BP has claimed that the new 4 inch Pipe inserted into the 21 Riser pipe is siphoning off 20% of the leaking oil. And then they updated that figure to 40% the next day. Sounds good on the Morning ...
by jamess
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Or does it on the 13th floor of the National Press Club? This link will explain just by the subject ...
by jimstaro
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This Press Release, from General Shinseki and the VA, is just coming out and hitting subscriber in-boxes as well as being posted on the VA site:
by jimstaro
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President Obama promoted a critical plank in his energy program today to an enthusiastic crowd in Elkhart, IN., an area devastated by Bush era economic mismanagement. The Vice President and several ...
by DarkSyde
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If you need any more convincing that the Governor of Alaska is unfit for high office, you needn't look any further than ...
by brooklynbadboy
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Examination of the construction and implementation of an inappropriate press release.
by quiact
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If the new administrations in the United States and Israel take a progressive approach to the conflict in Palestine, both their legacies might include a ...
by American Progress
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