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Boeing manufactured the B-17 Flying Fortress and B-29 Superfortress during World War II. The B-17 was produced in Boeing's home State of Washington; but the manufacturing of the B-29 involved ...
by Bud Meyers
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40 years ago the United States had 100 million less people than it does today. Since then, outsourcing has escalated; and now the labor force participation rate is at it lowest since 1979. The Wall ...
by Bud Meyers
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As a person interested in science and the future, I've wondered for some time about the economic implications of automation, robotics and artificial intelligence. As these technologies develop, ...
by workingwords
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[I had a technical fumble here. I'll try to get this diary back.]
by Q Tip
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Funny how the Job Creator myth, has gained such currency, as a time-honored principle of Capitalism. The Job Creators will rehire, just give them time -- Business is Cyclical , ...
by jamess
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It's not just a catchy title, I'm serious. I think everything about our global recession and ballooning unemployment rate can be traced back to those shiny guys from the Terminator, and it's driving ...
by dvs4435
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The Republican National Committee in a partnership with Leading K-Street Lobbying firms are introducing semi-automated robotic stand ins for Republican Members of Congress. An R.N.C. spokesman said ...
by Lefty Coaster
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In the first months of 1811, a secret army drilled on the chilly moors outside Nottingham, England. Under the shadow of darkness, these men gathered to learn guerrilla tactics -- how to move as a ...
by Mark Sumner
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Unemployment gives one a lot of time to think. Today I find myself thinking about the work I've done and what impact that work has on society. I received an email from a company I made a part for.
by Dr Teeth
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A while back I posted a diary about how digitalization, ...
by jeffinfremont
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In the ongoing discussions about unemployment and how to get people back to work, the issue of automation is, in my opinion, too often ignored. Politicians and the media tend to get focused on red ...
by jeffinfremont
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Some people worry that if the machines get smart we will end up in a Terminator sort of scenario. But I think a far greater danger is that most of us could become unemployed.
by Thutmose V
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Free Chicken and Beer expands on his long-term solutions for global crises in this early 2009 analysis. Inspired by Jacque Fresco's Venus Project, FC&B explains just how an overhaul of a money-based ...
by Free Chicken and Beer
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The New York Times has an article today The Coming Superbrain: The Future of Artificial Intelligence about the changes ...
by Andiamo
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Like many other people, when I listen to the economists interviewed on CNN, MSNBC and the like, I frequently come away thinking that either they don't know why our economy is in crisis or, if they ...
by Justina
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I was reading the news yesterday and stumbled across a surprising fact. Considering all the media accounts that I have been seeing accusing China of 'stealing US jobs', it was particularly surprising.
by Andiamo
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by Gegner
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