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Freedom is our most widely shared value. My "Speaking American" TEDxVail Video is up on YouTube! by Susan C. Strong Friends, my short 1.09.15 TEDxVail Talk video, How Speaking American Can Help ...
by SusanCStrong
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This is the archetypal American Barn, raised by friendly neighbors. We can do this together, again, now. The “One Big Family” Frame in 2015 By ...
by SusanCStrong
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President Obama gave the Republicans some sound advice today. And that advice had a recurring theme. One that the Republicans will no doubt ignore (for a variety of reasons). First that very sound ...
by jamess
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There's been this 'unifying' theme kicking around in my noggin churning, lately: Obama Derangement Syndrome (ODS). Somehow it is the key to unraveling the political minefield that lies before us, I ...
by jamess
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Last week a friend who is a carpenter was tearing down my old, leaky front porch and putting in a new one, as well as replacing the boards on the eaves of the house that are overly weathered. He ...
by phoenixvoice
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This article about Chicago's gang/drug problem shows how a community's media - public, community, online and mainstream - can empower its citizens and government to define and solve all kinds of ...
by SteveSewall
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WIP: Work in Progress (for me, I have worked on it in the last two weeks and can pick up work on it anytime with no barriers. UFO: Unfinished Objects. Projects that have hit a barrier or seeming ...
by jlms qkw
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This is an introduction to a series of 16 posts I wrote in reply to a number of posts by John Carney at the CNBC blog ...
by Letsgetitdone
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This is the concluding post in this Job Guarantee and Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) series. After evaluating the specifics of the posts by John Carney and Cullen Roche criticizing the MMT Job ...
by Letsgetitdone
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In this post I'll list the primary components ...
by Letsgetitdone
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The recent extensive blogosphere discussion on the JG and the MMT core began with a post by John Carney that stated his ...
by Letsgetitdone
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by jlms qkw
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The Problem The biggest problem for Americans in our time is the increasingly dangerous threat to open society posed by the trend toward plutocracy and its effects on the political system. ...
by Letsgetitdone
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by NCrissieB
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by NCrissieB
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All Civilizations Were Formed On Values The first type of government humans ever developed was religious, a theocracy. The first laws established were written in the form of religious texts,
by Power To Evolve
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This is my first diary. I'm writing it the day Barack Obama was nominated the democratic party's nominee for president. I'd wish to address this historic event, but I don't have any particularly ...
by LWJ
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