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Documents released Monday by the Texas Department of Public Safety show no evidence that the "feminist army" of orange-clad pro-choice supporters brought containers of urine and feces to the Texas ...
by RH Reality Check
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Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Caught in a landslide, (of GOP insanity) no escape from (a Tea Party Convoluted) reality. Open your eyes, (girl) look up to the skies (girl) and see…
by thinkingblue
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In 1993, in Texas: I was just months into my first year as a teenager when I found out I was pregnant...
by Wendi Kent
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The irony of today... Texas is preparing to protest their House of Representatives from voting 3 anti-choice bills into law (since lovely Rick Perry is quite eager to sign them). Meanwhile it's ...
by CrankyFatFeminist
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There is some very good news in the world today, especially for a young pregnant woman in El Salvador who has been granted a life-saving medical procedure. El Salvador's Health ...
by Leslie Salzillo
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RESULTS UPDATE: TOWN BY TOWN REPORTING: http://www.boston.com/news/special/politics/2013/senate-primary/mass-us-senate-dem-primary-results-2013.html OVERALL ELECTION RESULTS HERE: http://www....
by 51percent
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Both choice and reproductive justice have a place in our battle for women’s autonomy. But one cannot take the place of the other. Written by Jon O'Brien for RH Reality Check . This diary is cross-...
by RH Reality Check
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Does a council of union leaders believe that they represent the working class? Or, do they represent the working men? Despite Lynch's commercials (below the squiggle) the answer is no. Media ...
by 51percent
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Cape Codders will have an opportunity to meet Ed Markey tomorrow. Many of the cogs that powered the local grassroots machine working for Elizabeth Warren are already in place for Markey. This ...
by 51percent
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ND Republican Margaret Sitte said she wrote the ND Personhood Constitutional Amendment to "effectively end abortion in ND" and make sure " women have adequate follow-up care they need " after an ...
by TeamSarah4Choice
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From FLAW, late last night: Confirmed by our friends at cootchwatch: OUTRAGEOUS: The Senate Education and Health Committee just met for a total of 25 minutes (at a time they never meet, in a room ...
by BadKitties
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The Republican Party suffered a resounding defeat in November at the hands of the Democrats. As fate would have it, angry white men are not enough to win elections in America anymore. However this ...
by WalkerBragman
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I voted Today!! Obama. Talked to a Republican female candidate, Stefani Carter who was hustling last minute votes just outside the polling place. I asked her "Pro-Choice?" And She stuttered, coughed ...
by Havoth
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It was, for lack of a better phrase, a " seminal show " this past Sunday. Here is one reason why: " If the right of privacy means anything, it is the right of the individual, married or single to ...
by Bud Fields
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It seems that each day brings some fresh horror from the Catholic Church. Protecting pedophiles is nothing new, of course. I'm sure that as long as there have been altar boys, there have been ...
by BadKitties
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Relax, I just need your itchy "send" fingers. Won't you help me? Colorado had its March Against the War on Women. We had a great turnout from all over the state. I put together a photo diary here .
by COwoman
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After resisting since the beginning, I finally, reluctantly, joined Twitter. It was originally intended as a faster and more direct way to contact politicians, to let them know that we at FLAW ...
by BadKitties
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This is going to be a quick diary.
by sasharusa
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Full disclosure - I did not take this picture, nor do I know who did. I don't know if it's new, or if it's been around for a while. I don't even know if this is an argument any actual thinking ...
by horque
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While Texas has some of the nation’s toughest restrictions on reproductive health care, it has also drastically cut funding to family planning centers. At the same time the state has increased ...
by LiberalTexan
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