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Updated Below **Trigger warning for mother/fathers who have experienced fetal loss.** I originally wrote this as ...
by gratis4
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Many of you will remember Lois Herr as the candidate running against Joe "Pitts is the" Pitts in PA-16. Yes, that Pitts...as in Stupak-Pitts. It's well documented how Connie Saltonstall ...
by Spedwybabs
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Eric Schneiderman is a progressive, an activist and a feminist. Eric Schneiderman is the real deal. He is and always has been a real progressive and a true feminist his entire life. I have ...
by debcoop
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I'm a lifelong supporter of NARAL Pro-Choice America. Recently they've been targeting false crisis pregnancy centers around the country. The film 12th and Delaware premiered on HBO last ...
by Scott M94
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My politics travel with me as does my little point and shoot camera, so I couldn't resist talking to this group of protestors while sightseeing in the city of Charlotte, NC even though their numbers ...
by RagingGurrl
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As the first Pro-Choice candidate in the MI-5 primary in 34 years, I am often asked why I am fighting so hard to defend a woman's rights. The article today on Politico.com entitled,
by Withers2010
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So today we're in D.C. and The Great Skulk is rolling right along. This is a play day for us, Spedwybabs' birthday, and we're meeting with one fellow skulker for lunch. Later in the day ...
by Stranded Wind
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Earlier this week Nebraska passed two laws that may change a woman's right to choose for years or decades to come.
by ghudson68
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OK, this is it people – we can give the anti-choice crowd a black eye that goes clear down to their belly button by taking out the Coat Hanger Twins; Michigan Democrat Bart Stupak and ...
by Stranded Wind
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While naked pictures are great fodder for the day or two, I think we need to look at the bigger implications of electing Scott Brown to the Senate. There is so much more than HCR at stake by ...
by mouser68
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Every day during 40 Days for Life protesters stand in front ...
by LiberalTexan
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The anti-choice movement is not about abortion, but then again, the pro-choice movement is not about abortion either. Today marks the first day of 40 Days for Life, an anti-choice ...
by LiberalTexan
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Somebody has to read the place so that you folks don't have to. I've been wondering lately about what they'd do when confronted with the tragic reality of all those cases, inasmuch as they're not ...
by high bitrate
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The Tiller murder has caused the pro-choice movement to legitimately question what the label "pro-life" means. Meanwhile vocal pro-lifers are screaming: "That's not who we are!" But I wonder... ...
by JulieUnplugged
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I watched the Palin speech earlier this evening, and I feel she hit a grand slam--with the Republican base, that is. The crowd clearly adored her. The mainstream media has already reported that ...
by martini drinking atheist
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There’s been a big deal made about Palin’s choice to have her baby, even though early testing revealed Down syndrome. The press and pundits have pointed to this as evidence of her pro-...
by derekd
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You vote for the top of the ticket. But this emphasizes who John McCain is and his tempermant and why I will vote Obama/Biden Nov. 4th. McCain just took experience off the table and made this an ...
by BlatantLiberal
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This summer for a while I tried to post action alerts about measures that could help to reduce abortion, measures that prolife and prochoice people alike could both support in good conscience....
by marysia
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