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I am leaving my current position at the end of this year. That is a done deal. The commute of 45 miles is in itself a sufficient reason. I have a large number of irons in the fire, and some ...
by teacherken
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Public education in the U.S. has featured state control of human development since Horace Mann and other educational “reformers” within the New England Protestant elite brought this novel ...
by leftyparent
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I have been aware of Maria Montessori and her educational “movement” (as its often referred to) as part of the spectrum of educational alternatives available mostly to more well-to-do families ...
by leftyparent
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I went to a very progressive private boarding school. I was asked to write about it, so I have, but it makes me a bit uncomfortable because I know it is out of many people's realms, including my own.
by Kamakhya
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Americans think that where knowledge is concerned, more is always better. We don’t believe there are things we would rather not know, or things that only some of us should know--just as we don&#
by AllMargolis
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In my personal discussions with teachers and other parents, and my written interchange with people commenting on the DailyKOS version of my blog, I feel like a broken record stressing the need for ...
by leftyparent
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